Mary Abbott

Rodeo, New Mexico

“Got me a little job
And while it isn’t much
I get to follow cows around
And helps me keep in touch

With that inner part of me
That’s never put to rest,
Enjoy little challenges
Simple “cow Job” tests.”

Yup, some local ranches have hired me part time to cowboy. Get to look after cattle, look for lion/bear killed calves, check fence and water, ride the rough country, and it’s wonderful! Can’t seem to get it out of my blood.

Also enjoy trail riding with gal friends, working with the 4-H’ers, a good church and great friends, not to forget an endearing husband, dogs, horses and chickens. Life is wonderful and we are blessed and God is so good.


Marci Broyhill

Dakota City, Nebraska

Marci Broyhill, Prairie Poet and Storyteller, was raised in the hills along Highway 12, Nebraska’s rugged Outlaw Trail. Marci writes from her rural experiences growing up on the Cedar-Dixon County Line. She enjoys researching and writing about people and historic events of Nebraska. Deep agricultural roots tap a reservoir of material for Marci's pen and presentations. Marci researches the men and the women who lived and traveled the trails west of the Missouri River. She marvels at the determination and courage; honoring their efforts by giving them a voice through verse and story. Marci's entertaining performances also address nature, dilemmas in society, the joys and challenges of family life. Her topics tug at the heartstrings of the audience, rekindling memories. Since people are more alike than diverse, Marci's material appeals across the landscape. Her expressive delivery draws the audience into shared experiences, generating reflection and laughter. Marci invites others to look back through their windows of time. Each personal view is unique revealing bygone moments of humor, tenderness, and courage.

Marci has recorded two CDs, Window of Memories and Mending Fences. Marci and her husband, Kent, currently live along the Missouri River in Dakota City, Nebraska.



Teresa Burleson

Weatherford, Texas

Teresa’s poems are inspired by her personal experiences; therefore people are able to relate to them, and they reflect her love of history and the Western lifestyle. Teresa's "zest" for life is often apparent in her poems, as well as her ability to make people laugh and touch their lives.

As the daughter of parents who grew up in farming and ranching families in Oklahoma and Texas, the “cowboy spirit” runs deep in Teresa’s roots. This Texas native has empathy for the agricultural industries and the people who make their lives in it. Her material reflects a desire to preserve her heritage and to share a female’s perspective on living the cowboy way

In 2009 she was nominated by the WMA and was in the Top 10 for Female Poet of the Year and her CD, The Cowgirl Way, was nominated and in the Top 10 for Poetry CD of the Year. In 2010, she was honored by the Academy of Western Artists with their 2010 Will Rogers Award as Cowgirl Poet of the Year.

This Texas native has empathy for the agricultural industries and the people who make their lives in it. Her material reflects a desire to preserve her heritage and to share a female’s perspective on living the cowboy way.


Patty Clayton

Edgewater, Colorado

Patty Clayton is an award winning performing songwriter whose original and borrowed Buckaroo ballads and Western Swing songs celebrate the present and yesteryears of the West. She knows her subject well; she was raised in the West, in a family rich with ranching history in the Pacific Northwest. Residing occasionally in Colorado, Patty travels thru the West, sharing her stories with those who love and live the Western way of life.

Patty has garnered numerous nominations for her vocal and songwriting talents, and in 2012 was awarded “Western Swing Album of the Year” for her latest CD entitled Dancin’ In Denver by The Western Music Association, who also named her “Female Performer of the Year” in 2004. The Academy of Western Artists named Patty the 2007 “Western Female Vocalist of the Year” presenting her with the Will Rogers Award thus assuring her a spotlight amongst the West’s finest. 



Mike Moutoux

Silver City, New Mexico

Mike Moutoux is a cowboy-singer-songwriter from Silver City, New Mexico. Also known as “New Mexico’s Enchanting Cowboy”, he specializes in turning ranch work into cowboy songs and cowboy poetry that will put an audience as close to being in the saddle as words and music allow. His work has taken him high into the Pecos Wilderness in northern New Mexico and to the flat mesquite plains near Carlsbad. He has shared stages with all the western music greats and has been a friend to all as a radio DJ, festival emcee, and concert producer.

Mike performs a variety of things on stage mixing his own cowboy poetry and music with a few classics audiences will surely recognize. There will be wild rides, cattle drives, and endless big blue skies all wrapped up in poetry and song. With his smooth voice, authentic material, and a wonderful sense of humor, it doesn’t take long for an audience to appreciate what enchanting means: captivating and charming.


Jim Dalglish

Grand Forks, ND/ Sierra Vista, AZ

Jim lives half of each year in Sierra Vista, AZ, and the other in Grand Forks, N. So he goes from "Almost in Mexico" to "Almost in Canada" every year. Three generations of Jim's family lived in New Mexico, beginning in 1880. He has spent most of his life on the Great Plains, but loves Arizona and New Mexico. Jim first heard traditional Cowboy Songs on his Father’s and Grandfather's lap when he was very young. They were often sung off-key, but with great gusto. When he finally picked up a guitar, it just seemed natural to sing western music again.

He has performed at Cowboy Poetry and Music Gatherings at Scottsdale's "Festival of the West", Dakota Cowboy Poetry and Music Gatherings in Medora, ND, the Sierra Vista Gathering and others. Jim enjoys writing his own poetry, often in a self-deprecating satirical style. He also likes to sing Cowboy Songs. Some he has written and many he has heard performed.



Nancy Elliott

Casa Grande, Arizona

Nancy is known best in the Western music community for her unique style of cowboy music. Audiences are enraptured by an alluring vibrato voice that some declare is pure folk, while others deem perfect for gospel, swing or blues; each drawn in by sweet Celtic undertones that tug at the heart. If the melody and voice are not enough to stop you dead in your tracks, her provoking lyrics will. Songs like "Wild Rose", "Autumn's On Its Way", "White Tanks" and of course, "Where The Wind Blows A Different Song ", nominated for WMA Song of the Year in 2011, establish Nancy as a true master of Western music.

This poet, singer, musician and author may be petite and soft-spoken, but she hits the stage in a big way, bringing her love of land.....and our Western heritage to every performance. Her music speaks the truth and the beauty of the American West in every song she performs and every line that she writes; her audiences tune into that authenticity and find themselves wonderfully entertained. Led by true grit and cowboy know-how, this Ohio-born country girl is weaving a legendary trail of music into the tapestry of the West.


Janice Deardorff

Tucson, Arizonawebsite

Janice Deardorff is an Arizona native. “I’ve always loved the old cowboy songs we sing around the campfire.” Being true to her roots, she sings songs she was raised on and songs inspired by her western adventures. On Janice’s new CD "Just a Horse", she shares her love for horses, rescue horses and the west. Janice has been doing music most of her life, as an entertainer, educator and worship leader. Janice got immersed in western music when she started singing at cowboy cook-outs to barter for horseback riding. Now, from ranches to restaurants, from schools to equine therapy, horse training, rescue horse events and a variety of other venues, Janice’s warm and captivating presence draws her audience into a memorable musical experience, as Janice and her husband travel the Southwest.



Richard Elloyan

Dayton, Nevada

Richard Elloyan is a singer, songwriter, poet, and performer of unique wit and imagination. Raised in the historic mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, Richard has spent his entire life immersed in the history, characters, and lifestyle of the west. Using the backdrop of the high desert, Richard brings to life the images and philosophies of the cowboy and those who are cowboys at heart. Richard has the good fortune to work and live in the Sierras, surrounded by ranches and mountains, which are a constant source of inspiration.

Richard recently released his 6th CD, This Side of the Dirt. He has performed at some of the major western music and poetry festivals across the west including Santa Clarita, Colorado Cowboy Music and Poetry Festival, the National Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival in Elko, Big Bear, Genoa, Sierra Vista, AZ and many more.

Richard has written songs with Dave Stamey and Ken Grayden and has had his songs recorded by Lacy J, Dalton, the late Curley Musgrave, Belinda Gail, Prickly Pair, Ken Overcast and Bill Barwick.


Slim Farnsworth

Cedaredge, Colorado

Slim grew up on a small cattle operation in Western Colorado where he and his Grandfather ran about 150 pair cow/calf operation. Slim's family has been ranching in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona for over 100 years. Slim currently works full time as a Paramedic, but still keeps his fingers in ranching on a local ranch where he day works and helps with the pool riding during the summer.

Slim's poetry ranges from descriptions of Bovine CPR that will conjure images of Baxter Black and The Prolapse from the Black Lagoon to stories of pack string mishaps. Slim's recitations of the classics are highly requested as well, from Kiskaddon to Knibbs, Breaker Morant to Banjo Patterson. Slim is the young blood of cowboy poetry, his love for the cowboy lifestyle and the way of life that is fast disappearing are unequalled. With a unique perspective that bridges the west of the past with the west of today, and adds a touch of humor to the mix, Slim will entertain to the last drop.




Driftwood, Texas

Whether she’s thumping the upright bass, strumming the guitar, jazzing out on the bamboo saxophone or regaling the audience about the virtues of bailing twine, Purly Gates entertains and educates buckaroos large and small at cowboy festivals, schools and other venues across the country. The multi-instrumentalist was playing harmonica by age 5, and just never stopped picking up new instruments and learning tunes. In her mid-twenties, she began travelling throughout the US and abroad as a professional musician and teaching artist.

Her passion for history, traditional songs and stories led Purly on research junkets to the Library of Congress Folk Archives and the University of Texas Folklore Center Archives. There she discovered cowboy poems, and soon began reciting some herself. She also spent a good deal of time in Texas, playing music with lots of different folks. She has performed here at the Gathering with Ken Moore, Joe Green and Alan Chapman.

Purly has been writing her own poems, while homesteading in the hill country outside Austin. She has released several CDs for children, and is working on her first collection of western songs and poems.


Kerry Grombacher

New Orleans, Louisiana

Kerry has performed on stages as varied as the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering, the Newport Folk Festival, the Arizona Cowboy Poets’ Gathering and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. He’s packed a guitar into Yellowstone National Park to entertain riders on backcountry trail rides, and he performed a concert on the parking lot of the Sands Motel on old Route 66 in Grants NM, where the owner put his name on the door of Room 104. In 2010, his “Highway 281 Troubadour Tour” traversed the Great Plains, following the 1800-mile highway from the Canadian border to South Texas.

Kerry’s recordings include It Sings in the Hi-Line, Sands Motel, Riding for the Brand, Dreams of New Orleans and Home to the West, and he has a song on the 2012 children’s album “Cowboy Playground,” from Putumayo World Music. His songs have been recorded by western artists The Texas Trailhands, Duke Davis, Trails & Rails, Earl Gleason, Ed Stabler, and Gary Prescott. Kerry Grombacher is a member of the WMA and the North American Folk Alliance, and he endorses Elixir Guitar & Mandolin Strings and TKL Guitar & Mandolin Cases.



Doug Figgs

Lemitar, New Mexico

Doug Figgs is somewhat of a hidden treasure. Tucked among the cottonwoods along the Rio Grande River in a little place called Lemitar, New Mexico is a man who sings about what he knows. It is here that Doug calls home, surrounded by a few cows and horses, he and his wife Cathy run a full time farrier business, grow some hay and day work for other local ranches when they get the chance. His everyday life inspires the songs he writes and sings; they reflect his love for horses, his dedication to the cowboy way of life, and his devotion to his family.

Relatively new to the world of public performances, Doug is already an active member of the WMA and the AWA and has performed at gatherings and rodeos in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon. Doug’s songwriting talents have been recognized by the Tucson Folk Festival and his song “It’s All About the Horses” was selected as the #2 western song. He been recognized by the WMA two years in a row in the Crescendo Award category. Doug is a very talented artist and you will enjoy his lyrical voice.


Randy Huston

Rociado, New Mexico

Randy Huston writes and sings about the American cowboy and the modern-day rancher and farmer. --Brockton (Mass.) Enterprise

This contemporary cowboy music is poignant, perceptive, patriotic, pious, lyrical, melodic, and humorous. It may be sometime before another album this good comes along... --Cowboy Magazine

Randy Huston is a fourth generation livestock producer, and partners with his father on their ranch in New Mexico. He started breaking horses for wages at the age of 14 and spent many years in rodeo arenas through high school and college. He’s written some of the most widely recognized of contemporary cowboy music, and his songs have been recorded by some of the “stars” of this genre. Randy was voted one of the top five male entertainers in 2007 by the AWA and was selected 2010 AWA Male Vocalist of the Year.



Lynne Belle Lewis

Mancos, Colorado

Lynne Belle and her husband, Perry, run Rimrock Outfitters, a horseback riding outfit on the west side of the La Plata Mountains in southwestern Colorado near Mancos. Among other rides, they offer supper rides and multi-day camp trips, during which they entertain guests with cowboy songs and yodeling around the fire.

Lynne Belle plays at various venues in southwestern Colorado; has performed at the Durango Cowboy Gathering and the Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering in Sierra Vista, AZ; has opened for Juni Fisher and Baxter Black; played around the campfire on a pack trip with Gary McMahan; and even performed in Germany once representing the American cowboy culture. She has two CD’s: “The Dude Wrangler” and “Bells a Clangin”. For the latter, she wrote a poem about a pack trip during which the horses got loose and a song about her best dog, best horse, and best cowboy.

Lynne loves to ride horses, take photographs, and sing to her heart’s content! Life is good!


Peggy Malone

Fruita, Colorado

I’ve been entertaining for over 45 years and truly love pickin' 'n grinnin' for young and old alike. Singing has taken me all over the great USA and Germany, and I thank God every day for this privilege.

My song, "Singin' A Cowboy Song" won an Emmy Performer/Songwriter in 2001. It was featured in the PBS Special "A Night at The Rodeo." In 2001, I was one of 5 Top nominees for WMA's "Best Female Vocalist" and in 2012, I received the "People's Choice Award" from the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame (CCMHOF). I am up for the CCMHOF Best Female Performer and also Entertainer of The Year 2013. I will know August 11th!

My husband Billy boy and I have 4 kids, and 6 grandkids. Most of our married life we raised Quarter Horses and Border Collies. Locally, I'm kept quite busy but welcome out of town Gatherings and Shows.

Music and Life has been one “heck of a ride!” with no signs of slowing down!!



Jon Messenger

Sierra Vista, Arizona

Arizona singer/songwriter Jon Messenger brings to his audiences a hearty stew concocted from the influences of an eclectic musical background. Influenced by everything he’s heard, Jon’s original Folk and Western tunes have been well received by audiences at festivals and gatherings throughout the West, and these songs reflect Jon’s love of the myth and beauty and spirit and truth of the American West, past, present, and future.

Bringing a unique approach to today’s Cowboy and Western Music, Jon’s vocal and acoustic guitar stylings blend together to bring to all his audiences a haunting and authentic portrait of cowboy life, past and present.

Jon has written some of the most hauntingly beautiful songs of our time and has found a way to express insights into the livestock community that most people simply overlook. Jon’s songs have been recorded by a number of Western artists, high praise for a songwriter to have his peers want to record his songs. Jim Jones, Allan Chapman, Jean Prescott, Chelsea Beck, Mark Brooks, and Call of the West, with whom he performs regularly (but that’s a whole different story…)


Al “Doc” Mehl

Westminster, Colorado

Al “Doc” Mehl traces his family roots to central Kansas where his grandfather raised six children on the family homestead. With one foot in the past and one in the present, Doc weaves the history and the mystery of the West into his original poetry and music. His debut music CD is titled “Asphalt Cowboy” (2005), and his second CD “I’d Rather Be…” was released in 2008. Doc’s spoken-word poetry recordings include “Cowboy Pottery” (2005) and his newest recording of original poetry is titled “The Great Divide.” Doc Mehl’s poems and musical lyrics have been featured on the website, and he was a first-place silver buckle winner at the National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo in Montrose, Colorado in 2009.

In the words of Rick Huff as published in The Western Way magazine, “There’s a unique mind at work here that may be one of a kind in the Western Music arena.” And songwriter Jon Chandler comments, “Listening to Doc is like having Lyle Lovett in one ear and Tommy Smothers in the other.”



Miss Devon and the Outlaw

Fort Worth, Texas

"Miss Devon and the Outlaw" of Fort Worth, Texas, past winners of the WMA Harmony Duo competition, could be stirrin' up the most dust between here and the chuck wagon camp! Miss Devon was awarded the AWA Will Rogers award for Western Music Female Performer of the Year. Noted for her vintage 'sock-rhythm' guitar style, warm 'swing time cowgirl' vocals, and lively persona, she engages kids and adults in her audience with a style perfectly suited to her ‘secret’ persona as the singing voice of Toy Story 2’s “Jessie” on the Grammy-winning Disney CD "Woody's Roundup featuring Riders in the Sky.”

When Outlaw Jessie Del joins Miss Devon on the stage, things get more fun than puttin' socks on a rooster. According to witnesses, this western gent is the duo’s rowdier half, getting his nickname, as Miss Devon says, "Because it's plumb illegal what he does with Milk Cow Blues!" Like all outlaws, Jessie has been known to disappear into at least a dozen alias personalities, so watch him close! With fine classic western tenor-to-baritone vocals, and a LOT of charm, this rascal just might make a clean getaway with yer funny bone.


Glenn Moreland & Washtub Jerry

Fort Davis, Texas

Glenn Moreland and Washtub Jerry present a relaxing humor filled program of Cowboy and Western music. This duo is unusual in their ability to inspire audience members to request songs. Most requests spur the performers to tell historical facts or an interesting story. This bonus to the performance keeps the audience captivated as the music unfolds request after request.

GLENN MORELAND has performed at many Cowboy Poetry gatherings across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Ireland. He was awarded the 2006 Heritage Award from the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Alpine, TX. In his spare time Glenn is a woodcarver, blacksmith, wagon wheelwright and a National Champion Chuck Wagon Cook. Glenn's quick wit, wry humor and knowledge of cowboy history make him a favorite performer.

WASHTUB JERRY was named the 1999 Instrumentalist of the Year by the WMA. He is a member of the International Society of Bassists, has performed at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, the Phoenix Theater, Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO, was the featured musician with the Midland-Odessa Symphony Orchestra, and participated in musical cultural exchange tours in Russia, Germany, and Ireland. He has lived among West Texas ranchers and cowboys for over four decades.



Mustang" Mikki Daniel

Richardson, Texas

At “Sweet Sixteen”, Miss Mikki has lived all her life on a small ranch northeast of Fort Worth and is a true cowgirl from the tips of her bull-hide cowboy boots to the top of her worn out, white, felt cowboy hat. Her young resume includes singing, playing multiple instruments, songwriting and horse-training. Mikki’s favorite activities are playing and singing Western music, riding green horses, writing historical-fiction western novels and hunting.

At six, she began watching the great old silver screen cowboys, and ’twasn’t long before she discovered her true calling of playing, singing, and yodeling their Western music. She met Janet McBride, “The Yodeling Queen”, and was swept happily into the fascinating world of American cowboy-style yodeling at the Cowtown Opry in Fort Worth. Mikki soon began delighting audiences across Texas and in short order around the country.

Mikki has another passion that has seeped into her song-writing as well as her heart: her horses, Trigger and Sissy. Trigger, a two-year old palomino filly, was a present for young Mikki's birthday and her first experience training horses. Now, at nine, Trigger has Mikki wrapped around her little....uh, hoof.


Mountain Saddle Band

Show Low, Arizona


Trail dust, creaking saddles, fire red sunsets, campfires, the smell of worn leather, horses and star filled nights are just a few of the things you will think of when you hear Mountain Saddle Band. Their sound will recall the days of the Old West in your heart. A unique blend of mostly old, some new, cowboy music, cowboy poetry, and gospel music with a cowboy touch that will have you swayin' in the saddle and yearnin' for more.

The Mountain Saddle Band hails from the White Mountains of Arizona near Show Low, long established cowboy country. They have been performing cowboy music for many years and have developed their own unique sound, and are committed to preserving and promoting the heritage and culture of the American Cowboy.



Tony Norris

Flagstaff, Arizona

Tony Norris grew up playing in the ruts of the Butterfield Stage Line. He has followed a lifelong love of Western history and culture. Currently he lives in Flagstaff, Arizona where he is in demand as a storyteller, songster and cowboy historian. Young and old alike are captivated by his homespun charm and rich tenor voice. With the accompaniment of his big Martin guitar and healthy doses of humor, he invites the adventurous spirit in each of us to leave the everyday world behind and journey into the old West. He served on staff for ten years at The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada. He was co-founder of Riding The Rim: The Flagstaff Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

He created and hosted for five years the award winning radio show on KAFF 92.5 FM about cowboy culture- Under Western Skies and he served Northern Arizona University as their Folklorist-in-Residence. There, Tony brings to life the Appalachian, cowboy, and indigenous cultures of the Southwest. His commentaries have appeared on National Public Radio and his Letter From Home columns are regularly featured in Flagstaff Live Magazine. He has just released his seventh CD: Open Heart.


Sam Noble

Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado’s where this cowboy calls home, but to cowboy Gatherin’s he likes to roam. He was born a rancher of the 5th generation and, rancher is still his part-time occupation. He operates the ranch with his first wife and figures on doin’ it for the rest of their life. He’s broke saddle horses and drove draft horse teams, and always gets stuck with the hayin’ it seems.

Sam began to write rhyme in ’89, and tells cowboy stories from time to time. His poetry seems inspired you might say, he uses God’s gift in a cowboy way. He’s been around and shared stage with the best. He’s a well-known figure in most of the west. They look forward to seein’ you at the gatherin’, Sam and his wife; they’re sure you’ll be having’ the time of your life.

Sam has participated in gatherings in Colorado, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska and Wyoming and has been featured at many. He’s recited poetry three nights a week in the chapel at the Bar D Chuck wagon since 1991 and participates in Cowboy Churches and campfire settings across the west. Sam just finished a wonderful children’s book called the Hoot-A-Wally Adventures.




Sierra Vista, Arizona

The Outriders are a Western Music group who tell stories of the old and new West, the life and calamities of the rancher and the cowboy. Weaving and blending their musical renditions with exquisite harmony and instrumental balance.

Bill Cassidy, Steve Conroy and Tina Riehle blend their voices into a musical tapestry while Glen Lazore adds the beauty of rhythm guitar and Jim Riehle weaves in the sparkle of the mandolin. Their songs are of a time when a man’s word was his bond, when cowboys choked on the dust and sang to the herd in the night, when the coffee was boiled hot, and beans were always on the fire. Steve rode with B-Troop/4th Cavalry at Ft Huachuca for 3 years and helped work cattle at several ranches. Jim and Tina own horses and enjoy working and training them. Bill Cassidy, lead guitarist, has his own inimitable style and has played with a number of bands around the country. Come enjoy the music (and perhaps a little verse) and be ready to laugh hard and perhaps shed a tear, reminisce, and take in the sounds of life on the range.


Susan Parker

Catalina, Arizona

Born in Northern California, Susan grew up with a love for horses, cowboys, rodeos, and all things Western. She rode stick ponies and played with plastic horses while her friends played with dolls. She bought her first real horse, a frisky Arabian, at the age of 40. Susan began writing contemporary poetry and prose in 1995. Her passion for cowboy poetry was sparked in 2003, after attending the Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival. It burst into full flame shortly thereafter.

Intrigued by pioneering women of the West, Susan has become a student of their writings: "I hear their words echo loneliness and frustration. Their courage and determination beg me to share their work, to appreciate the freedoms I enjoy as a result of their perseverance and sacrifice." Following her pursuit of the old west, Susan currently resides near Tucson, Arizona, where she continues to write poetry and prose, and has recently completed a nonfiction book. When she’s not writing or performing, she enjoys traveling.



Gary Robertson

Thousand Oaks, California

As a child in Oklahoma he was entertained by stories, poems and legends told to him by his Grandmother. This began Gary’s lifelong love of storytelling and for 25 years, he’s been writing about the daily trials and tribulations, of the cowboy and rancher.

Recently, one of his poems was chosen to be included in the book Cowboy Poetry: the Reunion. His poetry has appeared in the Chickasaw Times, Capriola’s Catalogue and the American Cowboy Magazine. Gary’s been a featured performer at multiple Gatherings, to include the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Big Bear Poetry Gathering. While in Oklahoma, Gary worked the IOA Ranch overseeing the cattle, hay, and grain operations. He also teaches Blacksmithing and Farrier Science. Gary currently is Ranch Manager for Greenfield Ranch in Thousand Oaks CA.


Steve Porter

Simpsonville, South Carolina

Steve’s passion for horses and the Western lifestyle has given him a love and appreciation for cowboy poetry. Steve began reciting cowboy poetry five years ago at Cowboy churches, youth rodeos and trail rides. Encouraged by his wife to compete in Montrose, Colorado’s National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo in 2010, Steve won first place in the Rising Star Division, Reciter Serious. Since Montrose, Steve has written several of his own poems.

Released in 2011, Steve’s first CD “Forgotten” includes twelve classic poems and one of his own “My Flea Bitten Gray.” Rick Huff in his “Best of the West Reviews” states that “Porter is an excellent and natural interpreter. He puts just the right flair on it…not so much drama you feel he needs to be restrained … folks whose delivery transports you. That’s the only way to really do the material justice.” In September 2012 “Forgotten” was nominated by The Western Music Association for Cowboy Poetry CD of The Year and has ranked in the Top 10 Cowboy Poetry Albums in The Western Way Magazine since their Fall 2011 Issue. Steve is one poet not to be missed.and you will be thrilled by his renditions.



Rhonda Stearns

Newcastle, Wyoming

Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns is proud to be a 4th-generation Wyoming rancher. Rhonda has grown up ranching and maintained that close relationship with cattle, horses and ranch people which provides a solid background from which to write and recite true cowboy rhyme, both old and new, with passion and realism. Whether reciting the works of classic cowboy poets or her own original poems, Rhonda is insistent upon maintaining authenticity. She has been a rodeo champion and queen, a published journalist, author, radio host, and historian for all things western.

As a cowboy poet Rhonda has been featured since the 80’s at gatherings in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. In 2000 she became the first woman to receive the All-Around Cowboy Culture Award at the National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration at Lubbock, Texas. In 2003 the AWA named her Top Cowgirl Poet of the year. She has had poems selected for the Gibbs-Smith publication “Cowgirl Poetry” and for the 2007 Bar D Roundup CD.


Tumbleweed Rob & the Southwest junction

Sierra Madre, California

Tumbleweed Rob & The Southwest Junction is an all-acoustic Western Americana Roots Music Group performing songs that celebrate Contemporary American music with Traditional Western musical elements. Western Music with an Acoustic Pop Americana twist!

“Tumbleweed Rob” Wolfskill is a veteran performer who is best known as the leader of one of the top acts in the Western Music genre called The Tumbling Tumbleweeds. Rob now embarks on a new journey with his new project called Tumbleweed Rob & The Southwest Junction which features Rob on Lead Vocals, Craig Ferguson on guitar, Dan Dungan on bass and Jesse Olema on fiddle. Their new album, A Fork In The Road, was released on March 1, 2013 and has received critical acclaim as well as radio airplay all around the Country and the World with Critics using words like, "superb," "top notch" and "shines brightly!"

This is Rob's third appearance at the Cochise Gathering and he is thrilled to present his new project and his new sound saying, "My guys are incredible musicians and I can't wait for folks to see and hear just how brilliant they are!"