Western  Heritage

Schools  Outreach  Program

Open to all schools and youth organizations in Cochise County


The Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering (CCPMG),

   a non-profit organization, preserves and perpetuates our

   cowboy legacy through its program every February when

   poets and musicians gather to celebrate this heritage.

On Feb 3-5, 2017, we will be celebrating our 25th year.

   This year’s theme is Silver Screen Cowboys.

The youth component of CCPMG is the Western Heritage

   Schools Outreach Program (WHSOP). The WHSOP would

   like to partner with schools and youth organizations to

   promote literacy and personal growth.

The program is designed to encourage all students in

   grades 3rd through12th to learn western history and

   culture, write poetry, and enter their poem into our poetry


Youth Poetry contest open to all 3rd through 12th graders.

   Refer to: contest rules and entry form link below

BENEFITS to Schools and Youth Organizations:

Western heritage teaching resources

Poetry writing in compliance with Arizona education writing


The opportunity to receive a professional visiting Cowboy

   poet, musician or story teller on February 2 or 3, 2017

Adjunct instructor/ WHSOP volunteer to lead discussion/


Link to all Form and Guidlines  here


The Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering will

   recognize six categories of winners: First Grand, Second

   Grand, First Place, Second Place, Third Place and

   Honorable Mention.

The CCPMG may award up to five $1000 scholarships to

   seniors.  The Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering

   has dedicated one of the five scholarships to Roy “Bud”

   Strom and will henceforth be known as the “Bud Strom

   Memorial Scholarship”.

All student winners and their families will be invited to the

   annual Poetry Contest Winners’ Party – called the “Cowpie


The First Grand, Second Grand, and 1st through 3rd Place

   winners may receive a small monetary prize contingent

   upon performing their poems from memory on stage at

   The Gathering.

All winners will have their poems published in the

   Saddlebag of Poems and receive a complimentary copy.

All student winners will have the opportunity to have their

   photograph taken by a professional photographer and

   have their picture included in the Saddlebag of Poems.

All student winners and their parents will receive

   complimentary tickets to The Gathering when the student

   winner is performing.


WHSOP volunteer is prepared to visit your school and

   make a poetry presentation on the day of your choosing

   between August 24 and October 28, 2016.

We offer three levels of presentations depending on your

   needs and time constraints: “Just the Facts” (15 minutes),

   “The Facts plus Cowboy Life” (45 min) or “Let’s Talk about

   Cowboy Poetry” (45 min- 1hour).


Poems entered into the contest will be due no later than

   November 15, 2016.

Brown Canyon Ranch:

The Western Heritage Schools Outreach Program is proud to partner with Friends of Brown Canon Ranch.  Each fall, Brown Canon Ranch opens to school age groups letting  them experience and learn about life on an Arizona ranch at the turn of the last century with interactive activities to spur the students imagination.  Find out more about Brown Canyon Ranch.