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Floyd Beard

Kim, CO    website

3 Trails West  

Kansas City, KS      website

Floyd Beard and his wife Valerie run a cow calf operation on the High Plains of Colorado near Punkin Center.  Floyd began writing poetry while out working his cattle in the late 1970’s.  Jotting down his experiences and observations while in the saddle, he “smithed” these thoughts into his stories and songs. Floyd was named the 2015 "Cowboy Poetry Idol" at the Columbia River Cowboy Gathering and Music Festival and he also won the Colorado State Fair Cowboy Shoot-Out in 2006.  He has presented as far away as Stony Plains, Alberta, Canada, and is the current President of the WMA Colorado Chapter.  Floyd’s stories, which he has recited and presented for 30 years, are inter-woven with his western code of high ethics, integrity and sprinkled richly with humor. His philosophy is simple: “Life is a journey not a destination, and is best viewed from atop a good horse.”

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Waiting for better description.  Website link is active in the meantime.  

Silver Screen Cowboy and Western Swing Music.  Band Members: Leo Eilts, Roger Eilts, Jim Winters, Bill Dye, Ken Lovern, Marvin Gruenbaum 

Almeda Bradshaw

Huntley, MT    website

Almeda is one of Montana’s talented Western singer/songwriters. Her love for the life she lives as a western woman is clearly expressed in heartfelt songs and poetry.

Though born a town girl, all she wanted was to be a cowgirl. When her family moved to the country, a young girls dream of having a horse came true and horses have remained with Almeda ever since.  

Almeda raised her family in Big Sandy, Montana, where she also raised and showed AQHA performance horses, ran a hundred-fifty cows, finished hogs and operated a seed and feed business. She and her husband, former Marlboro Man, Merritt Bradshaw, now own and operate the M2B Ranch Bunkhouse and train performance horses on the Yellowstone River in Huntley, Montana.

Almeda has produced four albums of original work: "Voices From The Range”; a poetry album "A Way Of Heart”, which received a nomination for Poetry CD of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists in 2012; and "Lovers', Wives & Mothers: A Western Woman's Voice", which received a 2016 Spur Award nomination from the Western Writers of America for Song of the Year, a 2016 nomination from the Western Music Association for Song of the year and a 2017 nomination from the Academy of Western Artists for Album of the Year.

Almeda’s recent release, TRIBUTE, includes the song LARRY DEVER DID, which pays tribute to the late Sheriff of Cochise County, Larry Dever.

Patty Clayton

??, CO    website

Waiting for better description.  Website link is active in the meantime.  

Patty Clayton is a performing songwriter whose original ballads and borrowed songs celebrate the present and yesteryears of the West. She knows her subject well; she was raised in the West in a family rich with ranching history dating back to the late 1800’s.

The Cowboy Way

??, ??    website

We are "The Cowboy Way"!!! A Western music trio combining the talents of Jim Jones, Doug Figgs, and Mariam Funke. Both Jim and Doug are multiple award winning singer/songwriters (Mariam co-writing on many of their songs) and Mariam is the master musician that ties it all together. We hope you'll join us as we "Race With the Wind".We are "The Cowboy Way"!!! A Western music trio combining the talents of Jim Jones, Doug Figgs, and Mariam Funke. Both Jim and Doug are multiple award winning singer/songwriters (Mariam co-writing on many of their songs) and Mariam is the master musician that ties it all together. We hope you'll join us as we "Race With the Wind".

Doris Daley

Black Diamond, AB TOL 0H0    website

Waiting for better description.  Website link is active in the meantime.  

Born and raised in Southern Alberta ranch country, Doris Daley writes cowboy poetry that celebrates the humour, history and way of life of the west. Her great grandfather came west with the North West Mounted Police in the 1870s; her family has been ranching in the Alberta foothills for five generations.

Kristyn Harris

McKinney, TX    website

Kristyn Harris, age 21, is the winner of the 2012 WMA Crescendo Award.  She is noted for her singing, songwriting, swing rhythm guitar style, big bass thumping, and yodeling (named the WMA Female Yodeler of the Year in 2012, and awarded the WMA Janet McBride Yodeling Award in 2011).  Her heart lies in western and western swing music, being inspired by classic and contemporary western icons as well as her own ranch life.

Along with her passion for playing western music is her passion as a horseperson. She has trained two wild mustangs - her best friends - and draws inspiration from her horses daily.  Kristyn performs throughout the nation and Canada, and has appeared on national television programs on RFD-TV and Nickelodeon.

With a Texas flair and a love for the West, Kristyn never fails to gallop right into the hearts of her audiences with her warm, genuine and energetic personality.

Carolyn & Dave Martin

Joelton, TN    website

Waiting for better description.  Website link is active in the meantime.  

Carolyn is a Texas born, Nashville based swing singer and member of the Texas Western Swing Hall Of Fame. She was inducted into the Northwest Western Swing Music Society’s Hall of Fame in 2014 and will join the Western Swing Society of the Southwest’s Hall of Fame in 2015. In 2014, the  Cowtown Society of Western Music named Carolyn a “Hero of Western Swing”, and Carolyn was the recipient of the Academy of Western Artists’ Will Rogers award as the Western Swing Female Vocalist of the Year in 2008, 2010, and 2014.

Syd Masters Band

Edgewood, NM    website

Syd is a singer and songwriter of traditional western music.  He is the author and recording artist of the Official State Cowboy Song of New Mexico. The Western Music Association, Academy of Western Artists, and The New Mexico Music Industry have combined to nominate him for more than 60 awards over the past decade.  He has been honored with titles such as “Vocalist of the Year,” “Country Song of the Year,” “Best Album,” Best Band,” Most Humorous Song,” and “Best Song.”

Doc Mehl

Westminster, Colorado    website

Al “Doc” Mehl traces his family roots to central Kansas where his grandfather raised six children on the family homestead.  With one foot in the past and one in the present, Doc weaves the history and the mystery of the West into his original poetry and music.  His debut music CD is titled “Asphalt Cowboy” (2005), and his second CD “I’d Rather Be…” was released in 2008.  Doc’s spoken-word poetry recordings include “Cowboy Pottery” (2005) and his newest recording of original poetry is titled “The Great Divide.”  Doc Mehl’s poems and musical lyrics have been featured on the website, and he was a first-place silver buckle winner at the National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo in Montrose, Colorado in 2009.

In the words of Rick Huff as published in The Western Way magazine, “There’s a unique mind at work here that may be one of a kind in the Western Music arena.”  And songwriter Jon Chandler comments, “Listening to Doc is like having Lyle Lovett in one ear and Tommy Smothers in the other.”

Tom Swearingen

Tualatin, Oregon    website

Tom Swearingen is an Oregon horseman whose original cowboy poetry is often inspired by his own experiences and observations from the saddle.  Tom brings his stories to life with rhythm and rhyme and a style that makes him a popular performer not only at cowboy gatherings and horse camps, but wherever else you find folks who appreciate the heritage of the West.  Two-time winner of the National Finals Rodeo Cowboy Poetry Contest and 2015 and 2016 finalist for Western Music Association Male Poet of the Year, Tom’s poems have been published by the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, featured in Cowboys & Indians Magazine, and recognized by such organizations as the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.  Tom’s Horses and Happiness CD was a two-time finalist for WMA Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year.  His newest CD Rhyme ‘Em Cowboy! was a 2016 finalist for WMA Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year.

Joyce Woodson

San Juan Capistrano, CA    website

Joyce Woodson was recently awarded Songwriter of the Year for 2014 by the Western Music Association.  Her songs have been recorded by over 26 different recording artists including: Belinda Gail (“He Sang for Me”, and “Palomino Pal”), Jean Prescott (“Smack Dab in the Middle of Texas” and “He’s Courtin’ Annie”), Rob Wolfskill (“I Don’t Want to Be a Cowboy Anymore”), Judy Coder (“She’s in Love with Her Horse”), Liz Masterson (“The Cowboy Way of Life”), and Journey West (“If I Hadn’t Seen the West” and “Cheyenne”).  Previously, in 2008 Joyce won both Best Song of the Year from the Western Music Association for “If I Hadn’t Seen the West” and Best Female Performer from the Will Rogers Academy of Western Artists. 

Joyce grew up on the family farm in the Capistrano Valley, riding the tractor with her Dad. After 12 years playing folk clubs and coffeehouses in LA and New England, she chose to move to Nashville. There she spent almost a decade writing songs, running her own publishing company, and performing her own songs in clubs such as The Bluebird and Douglas Corner. Returning to California to care for her aging father, Joyce Woodson is now settled back in her childhood neighborhood, where she continues teaching at songwriting workshops, touring the US, and crafting her own brand of songs.

Barry Ward

Eureka, KS    website

Waiting for better description.  Website link is active in the meantime.

Barry Ward (The Bear) received his inspirations for Barry’s original songs come from his experience growing up in the heart of rural America. Barry was a fourth generation farmer/rancher from Southwest Kansas. His singing and songwriting are a tribute to Western traditions and lifestyles that he shares from his heart.

He was Cultural Olympiad in Utah in conjunction with the 2002 Olympics. He performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City with the Great American Cowboy in Concert and was Male Vocalist of the Year of the Western Division of the Country Gospel Music Association.

He won the AWA Song of the Year and was the Finalist for Male Performer of the Year.  He also was the WMA Finalist for Male Performer of the Year, along with Finalist for Best Traditional Western Album of the Year, Finalist for Song of the Year, and Finalist for Song Writer of the Year.  And he was The FIRST WESTERN MUSIC ENTERTAINER to perform in Cameroon, Africa.

Randy Houston

Rociado, New Mexico    website

Randy Huston writes and sings about the American cowboy and the modern-day rancher and farmer. --Brockton (Mass.) Enterprise

This contemporary cowboy music is poignant, perceptive, patriotic, pious, lyrical, melodic, and humorous. It may be sometime before another album this good comes along... --Cowboy Magazine

Randy is a fourth generation livestock producer, and partners with his father on their ranch in New Mexico. He started breaking horses for wages at the age of 14 and spent many years in rodeo arenas through high school and college. He’s written some of the most widely recognized of contemporary cowboy music, and his songs have been recorded by some of the “stars” of this genre.  Randy was voted one of the top five male entertainers in 2007 by the AWA and was selected 2010 AWA Male Vocalist of the Year.

Susie Knight

Evergreen, Colorado    website

With professional singers for parents, Susie Knight debuted on stage at the wee age of three…the same age when she rode a horse for the first time!  She’s owned horses all her life and worked on ranches in Illinois, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Colorado.  As a teen, she began writing cowboy songs and poetry, capturing a female's view on rodeo, ranch life, remudas…and romance!

Busting into the Cowboy Poetry scene in 2010, audiences from Montana to Arizona and from Washington to Nebraska have enjoyed her story-like cowboy poetry and western songs.  

She’s the 2013 Cowboy Idol Poet, a 2012 Top 5 Female Poet in both the WMA and the AWA, and the recipient of the WMA 2012 Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year Award for her all-original CD, Western Wordsmith.  Celebrating 50 years on stage and in the saddle, Susie Knight is Colorado's very own All-Around Cowgirl Entertainer!!!