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Don't  ya  just love the weather here in Sierra Vista, Arizona,  at 4,500  feet elevation.

The Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering had some unexpected financial drains last year:  we did not start our fundraising soon enough and had no time to follow up with those who had not responded.  We had lower than expected attendance at all three performances and we had some additional unforeseen costs.  We are appealing to all of our sponsors to consider supporting the Gathering again and building it back to a full weekend production.  If you have it in your heart so send more than previously, we will be most grateful.  We need to encourage younger people to attend and if you have younger friends, invite them to the Gathering.

The Gathering is looking at various ways to reduce costs and to increase awareness, and they are examining all options to keep the Gathering alive.  The best way would be to get a large sponsor who would underwrite the basic cost of the event, and the Gathering will pursue that option.  We are contacting our supporters to make them aware of the situation and also our volunteers.  For those who have been to the Cochise Gathering, who have supported it with their talent or who have been in the audience, it is time to make another support offering to see the Gathering strengthen and continue beyond the next year.  We are hoping to get a more firm financial foundation and are going to do their best to keep this event going.

Our theme this year is “Around the Campfire.” However, because of our current financial situation, we will limit our show to the Saturday Day shows, the Swing Band Dance and the Saturday Featured performance.  We have a gang-buster show scheduled and it should delight everyone.

So, if you love this Gathering and would like to see it continue in the future, we are asking that you consider a financial donation. 

Checks can be sent to CCPMG, PO Box 3201, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

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Don't let next years 27th Gathering be our last.  

We are feeling a financial pinch, next year will only be a Friday night show and Saturday 10am to 4pm,

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