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3 Trails West

Kansas City, KS      website

Live in Sierra Vista, visit our sponsors, thank them by throwing some business their way while you wait for next years gathering.

Gordon Freitas

Hawaii    website

Kristyn Harris

McKinney, TX    website

Mike Moutoux

New Mexico   website

Rocky Sullivan

Sedona, AZ    website

Vic Anderson

Estes Park, CO    website

Almeda Bradshaw

Huntley, Montana

Cimarron Sidekicks

Glendale, AZ    website

Gail Star

Carefree, AZ   website

Steve Jones

   Steamboat Springs, Colorado   website

Claudia Nygaard


Steve Lindsey

Canelo, AZ    website

Terry Nash

Loma, Colorado    website

Washtub Jerry

McDonald Observatory, TX    website

Marty Davis

Prescott Valley, AZ    website

Marleen Bussma

Dammeron Valley, UT   website

Miss "V" ~ The Gypsy Cowbelle

Thermopolis, WY   website

Last Featured Performer

Washtub Jerry is a recognized authority for building and playing the washtub bass. In 1999, he was named “Instrumentalist of the Year” by the Western Music Association. Jerry has performed with Patsy Montana, Yakov Smirnoff, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Riders In The Sky, Peter Yarrow, Johnny Gimble, and yes, Don, Waddie, Red and R.W. (plus hundreds of other musicians)! He participated in musical cultural exchange tours in Russia, Germany and Ireland. Jerry has authored and published four books. Washtub Jerry is the fifth generation descendant of South Dakota homesteaders and has lived among West Texas ranchers and cowboys for over four decades.

3 TRAILS WEST is named after the three famous routes to the New Frontier which originated in Kansas City; The Santa Fe, California and Oregon trails.  Brothers Roger and Leo Eilts who head up the six-piece ensemble are true sons of the Kansas Soil, and proud of it.  Along with their Pal Jim Winters and the Trails Hands Orchestra (Marvin Gruenbaum, Ken Lovern and Bill Dye) they pump out enough energy to jump start a Mac Truck.  Tight three-part harmonies backed by legendary Kansas City instrumentalists, the band takes no prisoners and delivers the goods. wma

Cimarron Sidekicks is a western music foursome based in Phoenix, Arizona. The group is known for their close vocal harmonies, foot-stompin’ instrumentals and plain old-fashioned good fun. Their mainstay are time tested songs popularized by Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Sons of the Pioneers and others that bring back memories of the old west. “We know we’ve reached our audience when we see everyone mouthing the words we’re singing.” Both lead singer, Bob “Lefty” Sampson and bass man, Dan “Doc” Wilson have written original music and cowboy poetry for the group. Dan is the current President of IWMA, Western Wordsmiths. The Sidekicks spend most of their time performing at private events in the Phoenix area, but they are regulars at the Sharlot Hall Folk Music Festival in Prescott, and the Glendale, Arizona Folk and Heritage Festival. They’ve also performed for the Saddlebrooke Western Heritage Preservation Assn. in Oracle. This is the 2nd year that Cimarron Sidekicks have been invited to appear at the Cochise Gathering, the first as featured performers.

ALOHA y'all !  Gordon Freitas is a native Hawaiian songwriter and historic story-teller who takes great delight in sharing his island culture and the unique legacy of the Paniolo Hawaiian cowboy with the world. His award winning songs paint colorful pictures of "paniolo" driving cattle into the ocean and winning the world steer-roping championship in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1908. As a retired U.S. Navy Chief, he left 21 years of service to pursue his passion in music as his second career in 1995. He is an established recording artist and has been performing on international cruise ships every 6 months for 22 years. Sharing the spirit of ALOHA in story & song with all y'all in "Peaceful Arizona" !

Born a Texan, he grew up the way most West Texas boys did, working hard under that big open sky. He came to know the cowboy as an icon of character and integrity. His grandfather and uncle were storytellers and from them Joe learned to weave tales and appreciate the power of words. During his army years as a Drill Sergeant, he began to work with the Boy Scouts, and there as a Scoutmaster for twenty-five years he found those boys as eager as he was for cowboy stories etched with the ideals of honor and character. Strongly influenced by the old cowboy heroes of his childhood, Joe began as his early cowboy mentors had done, to add rhyme and cadence to many of those stories. The result of such a mixture evolved into a blending of stories and poems that not only entertain, but also prod the soul with a truer understanding of the deep values and solid character of the American Cowboy. In 1981 he traded his spurs for Mouse ears and has worked as a Walt Disney Imagineer for the past 38 years. His boots and hat are still icons in his life and the Cowboy Code still lights his path.

Joe Herrington

Canyon Country, CA    website

Kristyn Harris, a Texas-bred musical powerhouse, is the 2016 & 2017 Western Music Association Entertainer of the Year, and the youngest person to have received this honor. Her powerful voice brought her all the way onto the 2018 season of ABC’s American Idol, where she sang and yodeled for the judges. This voice is complimented on stage by her swing guitar playing, songwriting, and energetic stage presence. Now 23, Kristyn tours across the U.S. and internationally. When she’s not playing music, her passions find her trick riding, training horses and working cattle, which inspire some of the music she writes. She is also influenced by classic western swing and B-western music, and styles from other songwriters. Kristyn brings joy and passion to her music. She is the 2017 Ameripolitan Music Awards Western Swing Female Artist of the Year and named the WMA Female Performer of the Year in 2014 & 2015. As one venue put it:
"This bundle of energy and talent is 'the rage' on stage from the east coast to the west and if you can stay seated when she finishes her performance you're prob'ly 'bout ready for the grave!!"

Ramblin Rangers

Black Hills of South Dakota    website

Mike Moutoux is a cowboy-singer-songwriter-cowboy poet from Silver City, New Mexico. Also known as “New Mexico’s Enchanting Cowboy”, he specializes in turning ranch work into cowboy songs and cowboy poetry that give listeners a rare look into the life of a working cowboy. “I’ve helped to pull calves that could not be delivered normally and watched them take their first breath; laid on the ground in the mud and blood doctoring cows; been chased by cows, kicked by cows, fallen off a horse or two, and just generally collected too many fond memories to remember.” Mike’s poetry is always lyrical---perhaps because he is also a songwriter. His songs and poems are always filled with wonderful images---perhaps influenced by his work as a photographer. But it is his work as a cowboy that lends an authenticity to his work most audiences quickly realize and appreciate. What does this mean for you? Wild rides, cattle drives and a chance to look closely at life, love and some mighty fine country through a cowboy’s eyes.

A bona fide troubadour, The Gypsy Cowbelle (a.k.a. “V”) offers intriguing glimpses into American culture, history and lore. Her musical performances pair a diverse selection of original ballads with traditional cowboy, country and Americana covers. Compelling lyrics accompanied by solid rhythms on the guitar and her homemade “Plank Banjo” define “V”s signature “Genuine Cowbilly” sound. Her subtle humor, engaging personality, creative spirit, and penchant for discovering ‘the road less travelled’ culminate in unique performances that entertain and provoke thought in equal measure. Listeners enjoy stepping back to rural places and simpler times. While caretaking a homestead ranch for fourteen years, Miss “V” honed skills such as driving teams, making tack, running pack strings, building banjos, and cowboying. Two decades spent exploring rural America and her backcountry have afforded “V” her rich understanding of the land and its people. The Gypsy Cowbelle’s fascinating story has been captured in magazines, books, newspapers, radio interviews, and television broadcasts nationwide. “Nothing Fancy But Guaranteed Authentic!”

Terry Nash has the distinct ability to put words together and deliver them in a captivating way. He’s performed at just about every cowboy poetry gathering between Alpine Tx, Prescott AZ and the southern Rockies, and was selected to perform at Elko, Nevada, at the biggest cowboy poetry gathering in the country. A cattle raiser from the Grand Junction, CO, area, Terry knows what he’s talking about. He lives the Western life he writes about, and he’s a master at showing it to you. Terry received the International Western Music Association 2018 ‘Male Poet of the Year’ award at the IWMA annual convention.

Vic Anderson Cowboy Troubadour, is a western entertainer, singer/songwriter, WMA champion yodeler,(2003, 2010) world class melodic whistler, author, columnist and freelance writer . Raised in Montana, he cowboy’d on large and small ranches working cattle, horses, sheep, and buffalo. He rodeo’d for several years, riding bareback broncs and team roping. He was a big game guide and outfitter for many years. He now lives in Estes Park, CO, where he is a member of the newly revised Lazy B Wranglers, and was a member of the original, legendary LazyB Wrangler. He played guitar for Tex Williams on Tex’s last tour, and shared the stage with many noted musicians and western and country western Stars. Vic is known as a whistling virtuoso. He utilizes whistling as an instrument, much as you might use a fiddle. He has recorded three CD’s, PLAIN AND UNVARNISHED, RIDE EASY PARD and an extended play, PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE. Vic’s novel GHOST BEAR ISLAND, is the first of a three book series. Number 2, THE TRAIL, is struggling toward the finish, with the third to follow.

Floyd Beard

Kim, CO   website

Floyd Beard lives twelve cattle guards from the pavement near Kim, Colorado in the canyons...out where you swear you may not be at the end of the earth but you can see it from there. He and his wife, Valerie, run Corriente cattle with their daughter and son-in-law. A good day involves getting up before the sun is "pinking up the east", riding, working cattle, and settling down on the porch to watch the sunset. Floyd is an award winning poet and has been writing and rhyming for over 30 years. Most of his original poetry is written about his observations while working on the ranch. Floyd also enjoys reciting classic cowboy poetry honoring the cowboy poets from the past.

Almeda Bradshaw is an award-winning multi-nominated Western singer/songwriter. Her love and appreciation for the cowboy way comes through in heartfelt expressions of the west. A lifetime of writing and music places Almeda's work above the ordinary and with clear vocals, compelling stage presence and accomplished musicianship, she is guaranteed to be an audience favorite.   Almeda raised her family in north central Montana along with showing performance horses, finishing hogs, running 150 mother cows and operating a seed and feed business. She and her husband, former Marlboro Man, Merritt Bradshaw, now live on the Yellowstone River in Huntley, Montana where he trains rope horses and she manages everything else!   Almeda has written poetry, journals and songs since her teen years and has been performing at cowboy gatherings throughout the west for over two decades with four albums of original songs and poetry to her credit. Almeda recently wrote and recorded BRISKLY VENTURE, BRISLKY ROAM: The Ballad of Yellowstone Kelly for the Billings Chamber of Commerce in 2018. She has two recording projects in pre-production: a western album If I Had A Horse and an inspirational album Western Faith, scheduled for future release.

Spur Award winning poet Marleen Bussma draws from her past on a North Dakota farm while putting together verses on the plight of women of the west from frontier days to modern farm and ranch times. She writes about the rancher as he works and worries hoping to make it through another year. Her writing has earned several awards, including the 2016 Cowboy Poetry Book of the Year Award for Is She Country?, which also won a 2016 Will Rogers Medallion Award. She took home the 2017 Georgie Sicking Award for the best poem that depicts ranch life, Market Day, and a recent honor, the Spur Award from the Western Writers of America for Best Western Poem, She Saddles Her Own Horse. Marleen has been an invited performer at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, NV. She is retired with her husband Vaughn and lives in Dammeron Valley, UT.

Marty Davis was born in Medford, Oregon, and grew up riding the trails of Southern Oregon in the style of his Silver Screen heroes Hoppy, Gene, Rex and Roy. It wasn't long before he was performing with Country Music Legend Rose Maddox in Las Vegas and then, headlining his own show in casinos, nightclubs, fairs and rodeos throughout the U.S. and Canada. One of the most popular parts of his show was always the Western music segment so, after several years singing bass and traveling the world with the legendary Fifties group, The Diamonds, Marty returned to his personal favorite – Western Music. Marty is still on the road with his music 4-6 months per year at fairs and concerts; 3 months doing groundwork on 2-year-old Quarter Horses for his son in Oklahoma and the remaining time at home in Medford. He performs his music as a single, a duo, trio or with a full band depending on the needs of the venue. 2019 will be Marty's Fiftieth Anniversary as a full-time entertainer.

Steve Jones is excited to now be a solo act. For seventeen years he was the lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitar player for the Yampa Valley Boys. As such, he has performed multiple times at several cowboy music and poetry gatherings—Cochise, Durango and the Colorado Gathering. He does about 150 shows per year, including county and state fairs, plus many other public and private functions. He still has a friendly, infectious stage presence that reaches out to any audience-—no matter the size-—to make his show seem as intimate as a campfire sing-along. Some have dubbed him the “Cowboy Irish Tenor”, his voice being his best instrument. He likes a good Irish song—cowboy or otherwise—in addition to the cowboy, western, classic country and original songs that he does. He has two solo CD’s, “That Irish Kid” (2011) and “PIcasso” (2017). He still flavors his shows with humor in song or story. Visit

I was born in Patagonia AZ in 1958 and raised up on the family ranch in Canelo AZ. This is the same ranch my great Grandfather homesteaded in 1910 after he left his fathers ranch in Parker Canyon AZ. That makes me a 5th generation Arizona rancher raising the 6th I married my wife Naomi in 1979 in Benson AZ were we resided for the first 15 years of marriage, and then in 1994 moved back to the family ranch. Along with my two sisters and their family's we are trying to keep the ranch afloat. What a great way to raise kids! Speaking of kids, Naomi and I have nine wonderful children, ranging in ages from 23 to 8. What a privilege to be entrusted with so many lives, and we are never bored or lonesome. We are ranching a Forest Service lease on the West Side of the Huachuca Mountains. The country is rugged and beautiful and we are the happiest people around just knowing we are raising a commodity that the rest of the nation needs. And it does help in the fact that it has rained here a little more than in other places lately. Cattle look good and the market is up, so we are in good shape! I have done poetry all over the country, even reciting a poem for a congressional committee on natural resources in Washington D.C. I have been to Nevada, Prescott, Gilbert with my good friends the Flakes and lots of other places in-between. I feel it is a blessing to be able to write and recite my own poetry, especially from the ranchers' point of view. From bad markets to good, drought years and wet to good and bad horses, these poems are from my heart.

The daughter of a California rancher, Claudia Nygaard is a songwriter whose roots lay in the adobe clay of the San Joaquin Valley. Her songs weave stories about western heroines, wide open spaces, well loved horses and even better loved cowboys. Delivered by a strong and sensual alto voice from a charismatic performer, they are unabashedly intimate, often irreverent, frequently incisive, and sometimes joyously silly. As a salaried staff songwriter on Nashville’s Music Row, Nygaard learned her craft well. Her last CD “Let The Storm Roll In” rose to #1 on the Cashbox Roots/Country chart and #8 on the Folk DJ chart with EVERY song receiving airplay, and she is a winner of both the Kerrville Folk Festival songwriting competition, and the Tumbleweed Music Festival Songwriting Competition. “Storm” was also highly praised by the press. It received five stars from Americana benchmark “Maverick” magazine, and legendary folk music magazine “Sing Out” claimed the songs“ rival the likes of Guy Clark or Ian Tyson”.

Ramblin' Rangers Retired Forest and Park Rangers, Brad and BonnieJo Exton, are collectively known as the “Ramblin' Rangers”. They started out by presenting historical programs in National Parks and Monuments in the canyon country of southern Utah. Visitors from around the world enjoyed these campfire sing-a longs, which brought to life stories of the “days of old”, with their cowboys and characters, cattle drives and chuckwagons. Brad and BonnieJo both spent their careers caring for our nation's public lands throughout the western United States; working on foot and riding horseback in the mountains and canyons, as well as running boats on the lakes and rivers. Their love for the West, it's land, people and culture, is clearly reflected in their music, and through it they strive to keep our western heritage alive. The Rangers, who are members of the International Western Music Association, as well as the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association, now live in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where they enjoy playing their music at chuckwagon cookouts, ranch parties and trail rides, along with other private venues and local businesses. They have performed in many diverse locations across the country from the Grand Canyon to ranches in Texas and New Mexico; from Buffalo Round-ups and Arts Festivals, to the Arkansas Folk Festival several times. The Rangers have also played at Cowboy Gatherings throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. And, they have been especially honored to perform at Gatherings in Alberta, Canada on three occasions! In their 12-years performing western music together, some of their proudest moments were the privilege of opening for Brenn Hill on two occasions and sharing the stage at a house concert with Dave Stamey, both of whom they greatly admire! Playing guitar and mando, an occasional harmonica, banjo or dulcimer, the Ramblin' Rangers offer a well-crafted blend of smooth vocals and exquisite harmonies, offering traditional tunes, done-up in their own style, and their original compositions with a lot of flair. Give them a listen and you're certain to find that their music has a whole lot of “ear-appeal!” Have guitars, will Ramble!

Gail has been singing for a long time on stages, at campfires and corporate events. The cowgirl in her came from the beginning when she saw her Heroes on the television that led her from the fantasy world of the cowboy/girl, to the real world of the West. Her life has been based on the western ways as she has traveled, worked with ranchers, and helped bring the romance of the West to folks. The Cattle Drives, the Chuck Wagons, and the time on the trail have helped the past meet the present. These experiences have given her the soul that is needed for an authentic western serenade. She works plenty hard on her Arizona ranches in Carefree and Skull Valley. When she plays and sings she brings to life the cowboy lifestyle and soulful cowboy music. So, when Gail gets her guitar out of that case, wherever she may be, get ready to go back in time, and have a good time remembering the cowboy Heroes of years gone by. Sit back, listen to the yodel and sing along! Happy Trails!

A Kansas native, Rocky Sullivan has been living in the southwest working on ranches among other things for the better part of three decades. During the last few years he has brought his poetry into the limelight, gaining respect and praise from peers and audiences. Rocky won in his division of the 2015 National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo in Abilene, KS and again in 2017. Rocky has been asked to perform at numerous venues since. He is grateful to God for his talents and his wife for her patience. Rocky has performed at the Arizona Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Prescott AZ and the Cimarron Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering in Cimarron, NM

Amy Hale Auker

Spider Ranch, Arizona    website

Amy Hale Auker writes and thrives on a ranch in Arizona where she is having a love affair with rock, mountains, piñon and juniper forests, the weather, and her songwriter husband who is also foreman of the ranch.    She guides her readers to a place where the bats fly, lizards do pushups on the rocks, bears leave barefoot prints in the dirt. Where hummingbirds do rain dances in August, spiders weave for their food, and poetry is in the chrysalis and the cocoon. She tells stories about the real world where things grow up out of the ground, where the miracle of life happens over and over and over again, where people can and do survive without malls or Arby's. Amy believes that what you put out there is what you get back, and that if you do the good, hard work you will be rewarded. Come, visit the world she lives in.

Last Participating Performer

T H E        E N D

Kerry Grombacher

New Orleans  LA    website

Kerry Grombacher is a modern-day troubadour whose songs are set in the west, where he’s lived, worked, and traveled for more than 50 years. He’s performed on stages as varied as the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering, the Newport Folk Festival, the Arizona Cowboy Poets’ Gathering, and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. He performed at the Sands Motel on old Route 66 in Grants NM, where a room is named for him, and his “Highway 281 Troubadour Tour” traversed the 1800-mile highway across the Great Plains from the Canadian border to Mexico. Kerry’s recordings include Trovador, It Sings in the Hi-Line, Sands Motel, Riding for the Brand, Dreams of New Orleans, and Home to the West, and he has a song on Putumayo’s internationally-released children’s album “Cowboy Playground.” Artists Belinda Gail, Jim Jones, The Texas Trailhands, Duke Davis, Trails & Rails, Earl Gleason, Lorrie Keating, Ed Stabler, and Gary Prescott have recorded his songs. Kerry Grombacher is a member of the International Western Music Association and Folk Alliance International, and he endorses Elixir Guitar & Mandolin Strings.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell

   Crawford, Colorado   website

This 18-year-old “Rocky Mountain Hillbilly Girl” lives off the grid in the Rockies of Colorado. At age 15, she was a top 14 finalist on the farewell season of American Idol, which 200,000 hopefuls had auditioned for. She recorded and released her first professional EP in Nashville, including several songs from her American Idol journey as well as several originals. One of the songs on this album featured her friends Too Slim and Ranger Doug from Riders in the Sky, the Grand Ole Opry’s signature cowboy band, and achieved the #1 most played song on the Western Music Charts. She plays an eclectic array of instruments as well as genres of music. She has won a variety of awards, including Best Harmony Duo with her dad in 2013 with her arrangement of Cool Water, the Western Music Association’s 2016 Crescendo Award for best new artist, and the 2018 Youth Yodeler of the Year. She has opened for chart-toppers like Scotty McCreery, Emerson Drive, and Darryl Worley, as well as for the WMA’s many time winner of the Entertainer of the Year Award Dave Stamey. When not on stage, Jeneve attends college for Music Theatre and trains and packs her horses.

Valerie Beard

Kim, CO

Valerie is a rancher's wife, teacher, writer, crew cook, quilter and reader. She and her husband, cowboy poet Floyd Beard, live in Southeast Colorado twelve cattle guards from the pavement. The Beards run Corriente cattle with their daughter and son-in-law and keep a few Border Collies around to stay humble. Valerie writes original poetry and also recites classic and contemporary cowboy poetry. She has been a performer at several poetry gathering across the West including the Arizona Cowboy Poetry Gathering and the Cimarron Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering.