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Floyd Beard

Kim, CO    website

3 Trails West

Kansas City, KS      website

Floyd Beard and his wife Valerie are ranchers in the canyons of Southeastern Colorado near Kim, Colorado. Floyd writes down his experiences and observations while in the saddle working cattle, turning these thoughts into stories and songs. Floyd has been writing for over 30 years and has been presenting Cowboy Poetry from the Mexico border to

Live in Sierra Vista, visit our sponsors, thank them by throwing some business their way while you wait for next years gathering.

3 TRAILS WEST is named after the three famous routes to the New Frontier which originated in Kansas City; The Santa Fe, California and Oregon trails.  Brothers Roger and Leo Eilts who head up the six-piece ensemble are true sons of

Almeda Bradshaw

Huntley, MT    website

Almeda is one of Montana’s talented Western singer/songwriters. Her love for the life she lives as a western woman is clearly expressed in heartfelt songs and poetry.

Though born a town girl, all she wanted was to be a cowgirl. When her family moved to the country, a young girls dream of having a horse came true and horses have

Patty Clayton

Honolulu, Hawaii    website

Patty Clayton is an award winning performing songwriter whose original and borrowed Buckaroo ballads and Western Swing songs celebrate the present and yesteryears of the West. She knows her subject well; she was raised in the West, in a family rich with ranching history in the Pacific Northwest.  Currently residing

The Cowboy Way

Albuquerque, NM    website

We are "The Cowboy Way"!!! A Western music trio combining the talents of Jim Jones, Doug Figgs, and Mariam Funke. Both Jim and Doug are multiple award winning singer/songwriters (Mariam co-writing on many of their songs) and Mariam is the master musician that ties it all together. We hope you'll join us as we "Race With the Wind".We are

Doris Daley

Black Diamond, AB TOL 0H0   website

Doris Daley has never roped a bear. Even so, just turn her loose, let her wander over yonder till she sees the mountains rise.  Writing, reciting and performing for over 20 years,  this Alberta ranch-raised poet is a favourite on stages throughout the US and Canada. Waddie Mitchell says, "If cowboy poetry were fresh milk, and the cream that rises to the

Carolyn & Dave Martin

Fort Wayne, Indiana    website

Born in Texas, Carolyn Martin lived in Nashville for many years before relocating to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2016. Carolyn is best known as a western swing singer – a style of music similar to big band swing, but with fiddle and steel guitar instead of trumpets and saxes. Carolyn is a member of the Western Swing Hall of Fame and the Texas Western

Syd Masters Band

Edgewood, NM    website

Syd is a singer and song writer of traditional western music.  He is the author and recording artist of the Official State Cowboy Song of New Mexico and was recognized as The Academy of Western Artists National Male Vocalist of the Year.  His latest CD

Doc Mehl

Westminster, Colorado    website

From his newly adopted home in Black Diamond, Alberta, Al “Doc” Mehl weaves the history and the mystery of the West into his original “west-clectic” poetry and music.  His CD recordings of original music include  “Asphalt Cowboy” (2005), “I’d Rather Be…” (2008), and “Doc & Tub, Live” (2014), a live recording featuring the duo of Doc Mehl

Tom Swearingen

Tualatin, Oregon    website

Tom Swearingen is an Oregon horseman whose original cowboy poetry is often inspired by his own experiences and observations from the saddle.  Tom brings his stories to life with rhythm and rhyme and a style that makes him a popular performer not only at cowboy gatherings and horse camps, but wherever else you find folks who

Joyce Woodson

San Juan Capistrano, CA    website

Joyce Woodson grew up on her family’s farm in San Juan Capistrano, California back when cattle still grazed the vast ranches surrounding the valley in the southern end of the Orange County.  Riding horses as a child was a part of growing up in the rural landscape as well as riding on her father’s diesel tractor in the fields.

Barry Ward

Eureka, KS    website

Barry Ward is a western singer, but even more importantly, he is a fourth generation Kansas steward of the land, who sings. Barry, or “Bear” as he is known by his friends, worked alongside his father and grandfather, working cattle and farm work.  He writes his own songs and those songs deal with growing up in rural America. Add

Randy Houston

Cuervo, New Mexico    website

With the release of his latest album, Cowboys and Girls, Randy Huston establishes himself as one of the premier western music artists.  Cowboys and Girls is a musical ride into his world of horses, cattle, bumps and bruises and the wide-open spaces of New Mexico. 

The CD has already garnered recognition from the National

Vic Anderson

Estes Park, CO    website

Vic Anderson Cowboy Troubadour, is a western entertainer, singer/songwriter, WMA champion yodeler,(2003, 2010) world class melodic whistler, author, columnist and freelance writer. Raised in Montana, he cowboy’d on large and small ranches working cattle, horses, sheep, and buffalo. He rodeo’d for several

Valerie Beard

Kim, CO

Valerie is a rancher's wife, teacher, writer, crew cook, quilter and reader.  She and her husband, cowboy poet Floyd Beard, live in Southeast Colorado twelve cattle guards from the pavement.  The Beards run Corriente cattle with their daughter and son-in-law and keep a few Border Collies around to stay humble.  Valerie writes

Cimarron Sidekicks

Glendale, AZ    website

Hanson Family


Ron Hinkle

Sierra Vista, Arizona

Steve Jones


Mary Matli

Northern, AZ

Dave & Kathy McCann

Etna, WY    email

James Michael

Rociado, New Mexico

Dennis Russell

Cimarron, NM    website

Mark Munzert

, NY    website

Mark Munzert is the 2017 National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo 'Rising Star' (Serious Poet) Champion and 2017 inductee to the Adirondack Cowboy Hall of Fame.  With paternal roots in Arizona, and presently residing in upstate New York's Adirondack Mountains region, Mark has been branded 'the Cowboy Poet of the Northeast'.  The day-workin'

Rocky Sullivan


Steve Jones is excited to now be a solo act.  For seventeen years he was the lead singer, songwriter and rhythm guitar player for the Yampa Valley Boys.  As such, he has performed multiple times at several cowboy music and poetry gatherings—Cochise, Durango and the Colorado Gathering.  He does about 150 shows per year, including county and state fairs,

A Kansas native, Rocky Sullivan has been living in the southwest working on ranches among other things for the better part of three decades. During the last few years he has brought his poetry into the limelight, gaining respect and praise from peers and

The stage comes to life with the energy, talent, and enthusiasm of Lisa, Theresa, and Daniel Hanson. Dazzling audiences everywhere with new and fresh arrangements, this dynamic trio brings you the best of Western Swing, yodeling mastery, rousing fiddle tunes and blazing harmony combined with humor and audience participation.

Dennis Russell blends his original western poems and songs as well as sharing some of the classics at campfires or cowboy gatherings. Dennis and his wife Jana have a cow-calf operation in Redwing, Colorado while their headquarters are in Cimarron, New Mexico.

Dennis was appointed the first Poet Laureate of Cimarron, New

Notable Exceptions

Ellensburg, WA    website

Notable Exceptions is a tidy bundle of energy, talent, experience, and musical joy.  The Notable Exceptions sound is a potpourri of Folk, Western, and novelty tunes.  From house concerts to concert halls, Judy Coder and Jennifer Epps are

True West Magazine Owner and Editor, Bob Boze Bell says:

“The OK Chorale’s approach to Arizona’s History is truly unique.”

Dedicated to the preservation of the legendary old west, the OK Chorale has been entertaining audiences

OK Chorale Trio

Fountain Hills, AZ    website

Jo Lynne Kirkwood

Central Utah   website

Thatch Elmer

Harrisville Utah    website

Thatch is a 14 year old Cowboy Poet residing in Harrisville Utah. Thatch has been reciting Cowboy Poetry since he was old enough to speak a complete sentence.  Thatch enjoys writing and reciting originals along with reciting the classics.  He has been influenced by his Father, Grand Fathers, and family friend

Jessica Hedges

Oregon    website

Among the rocks and sage of Oregon, the traditions of high desert cattle operations still live on. Jessica Hedges tries to capture its stories through cowboy poetry, photography and social media interaction. As wife to a full time cowboy and mother to two little buckaroos in training, her writing provides a unique perspective into the function of a

Washtub Jerry

McDonald Observatory, TX    website

Washtub Jerry is a recognized authority for building and playing the washtub bass. In 1999, he was named “Instrumentalist of the Year” by the Western Music Association. Jerry has performed with Patsy Montana, Yakov Smirnoff, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Riders In The Sky, Peter Yarrow, Johnny Gimble, and yes, Don, Waddie,

James Michael (Mike) is a singer, songwriter and entertainer. Mike grew up in a rodeo family and many of the Western songs he performs were learned from rodeo cowboys and cowgirls who played and sang to entertain themselves while camped at the rodeo grounds. Mike began performing at rodeos and county fairs as a teenager and has sung

Dave originally hails from the Denver, CO area where he grew up singing and playing guitar on the Rocky Mountain Jamboree.  He later became the staff bass player for the show as well as one of the featured vocalists.  Kathy was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, the daughter of a Texas fiddler and an Irish classical pianist.

A northern Arizona native, Mary was raised on her families ranch. After many years in the corporate world she returned to the ranching way of life. She has day-worked, been a wagon cook and a ranch hand. She now holds the Pipeline camp for the C bar S Land and Cattle company on the Sonoran Desert of west central Arizona. Her daily experiences provide inspiration for her poetry.

Ron Hinkle is a newcomer to the Western music scene. Although he has played the banjo all his life, he comes from a different musical tradition; he grew up playing the four-string banjo in pizza parlors and Traditional Jazz bands. Only three years ago, he discovered that many of the songs associated with pizza

I'm from the Colorado Strip part of northern Arizona.  My grandfather was one of the original settlers of the area.  I grew up with beef cattle and hay. I now live in central Utah with my husband and four kids—and we raise hay and calves.

I'm a school teacher. I teach art and English, and in my English

Cimarron Sidekicks is a western music foursome based in Phoenix, Arizona, but who have performed throughout the State. The group is known for their close harmonies that they developed while singing in the renowned award winning Phoenicians barbershop chorus. They sing western songs from the silver screen, television, radio

Dean Cook

Prescott Valley, AZ    website

Dean Cook is a performing songwriter, storyteller, and sometimes cowboy poet.  A native Arizonan who grew up surrounded by cowboy life, Dean weaves his life experiences into his work, reflecting Arizona and the West as it was, is, and could be.   Although most of his ranch work involved chain saws and posthole diggers, he has worked a few

Peggy Godfrey

Central, CO    website

Living in the high desert of the San Luis Valley of south central Colorado has been full of challenges and joys for Peggy who has spent more than half of her forty-four years of ranching dancing to the music of the seasons with cattle and sheep in this beautiful expanse.  Without intending to document history, her creative endeavors have

Joe Herrington

Canyon Country, CA   website

Born a Texan, he grew up the way most West Texas boys did, working hard under that big, open sky. He came to know the cowboy as an icon of character and integrity. His grandfather and uncle were storytellers and from them Joe learned to weave tales and appreciate the power of words.

years, riding bareback broncs and team roping. He was a big game guide and outfitter for many years. He now lives in Estes Park, CO, where he is a member of the newly revised Lazy B Wranglers, and was a member of the original, legendary LazyB Wrangler.

He played guitar for Tex Williams on Tex’s last tour, and shared the stage with many noted musicians and western and country western Stars.     

Vic is known as a whistling virtuoso. He utilizes whistling as an instrument, much as you might use a fiddle.

He has recorded three CD’s, PLAIN AND UNVARNISHED, RIDE EASY PARD and an extended play, PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE.  

Vic’s novel GHOST BEAR ISLAND, is the first of a three book series. Number 2, THE TRAIL, is struggling toward the finish, with the third to follow.

Stony Plains, Alberta, Canada.  Floyd’s stories are inter-woven with his western code of high ethics and integrity and are richly sprinkled with humor. His philosophy is simple: “Life is a journey not a destination, and is best viewed from atop a good horse.” Floyd was honored to be named the Western Music Association's 2016 Male Poet of the Year.  His poem, "Ain't a Hermit," won the Spur Award for the 2016 Best Western Poem from the Western Writers of America.

original poetry and also recites classic and contemporary cowboy poetry.  She has been a performer at the Arizona Cowboy Poetry Gathering, the Cimarron Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering and at the Western Slope Gathering in Grand Junction, CO.

Janet Bailey

Talent, OR

Janet began songwriting and performing while still a kid.  She was influenced early on by traditional folk music, and by her life with horses and ranching.  She has a unique and expressive style.  Janet runs a cow-calf outfit in the hills above the Applegate Valley in SW Oregon, but has traveled extensively.  She has performed throughout  

remained with Almeda ever since.  

Almeda raised her family in Big Sandy, Montana, where she also raised and showed AQHA performance horses, ran a hundred-fifty cows, finished hogs and operated a seed and feed business. She and her husband, former Marlboro Man, Merritt Bradshaw, now own and operate the M2B Ranch Bunkhouse and train performance horses on the Yellowstone River in Huntley, Montana.

Almeda has produced four albums of original work: "Voices From The Range”; a poetry album "A Way Of Heart”, which received a nomination for Poetry CD of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists in 2012; and "Lovers', Wives & Mothers: A Western Woman's Voice", which received a 2016 Spur Award nomination from the Western Writers of America for Song of the Year, a 2016 nomination from the Western Music Association for Song of the year and a 2017 nomination from the Academy of Western Artists for Album of the Year.

Almeda’s recent release, TRIBUTE, includes the song LARRY DEVER DID, which pays tribute to the late Sheriff of Cochise County, Larry Dever.

in Honolulu, Hawaii, Patty still calls Colorado home and finds her way back over the mighty Pacific a couple times a year to travels thru the West, sharing her stories with those who love and live the Western way of life.

Patty has garnered multiple awards for her vocal talents and was presented with a Western Swing Album of the Year Award by the Western Music Association for her most recent full CD ‘Dancin‘ In Denver’.   In January of 2016, Patty released her first single entitled ‘Swingin’ On A Gate’ that landed in the #1 position for number of airplays on Western Radio for the first quarter of 2016, and remained on the charts thru the summer months. The Western Music Association named her Female Performer of the Year, and the Academy of Western Artists assuring her a spotlight amongst the West’s best performers also presented her with the Will Rogers Award for Western Music Female Vocalist of the Year.

roundups and spent a little time in the branding pens. Dean has performed at cowboy poetry gatherings, music festivals and historical events all around the West.  

Dean has issued two CD's of original music, and his songs are being performed and recorded by a number of other artists.  His poetry, humor, and short articles have appeared in  Cowboy Magazine, Arizona Highways and Good old Days, and in several collections, including Thanks for the Poems, the Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering's 20th anniversary collection.

"The Cowboy Way"!!! A Western music trio combining the talents of Jim Jones, Doug Figgs, and Mariam Funke. Both Jim and Doug are multiple award winning singer/songwriters (Mariam co-writing on many of their songs) and Mariam is the master musician that ties it all together. We hope you'll join us as we "Race With the Wind".

top was the very best, then Doris would be very rich and very fattening." See her recent Ted Talk on youtube.  Doris became a Mehl-order bride in October 2016; she and Doc live in Black Diamond, Alberta.

modern ranch family. With epic country as her background, her life is shaped by the cattle, horses, gear and people she's privileged enough to work along side. Her poetry has taken her to stages across ten states, the floor of the Oregon Senate, the pages of Western Horsemen, and to the Western Music Association Awards to accept the Georgie Sicking Award. Jessica currently has two cds released, History in the Barn and Buckaroo Woman Unconfined.

captured characters and changing times over the past thirty years.  Her poetry and stories open a window into her experiences working with livestock, people, and landscape.  Composting disasters and the resultant springing forth of tales and rhymes are Peggy's version of value-added agriculture.

The beautiful harmonies and vocal arrangements of The Hanson Family have gained them much recognition in the music world as well as the honor of winning, among other awards, the 2014 Academy of Western Artists Duo/Group of the Year, the 2014 Western Music Association Crescendo Award, the 2013 Kamloops Cowboy Festival "Rising Star Showcase", the 2016, 2015 and 2006 WMA Marilyn Tuttle "Best of the Best" harmony award, and the 2005 WMA "Youth Yodeler of the Year".

They have entertained at the Alaska State Fair, Pendleton Roundup, Paramount Theater in Seattle, New York City Center Theater in New York, the Wyoming State Fair and hundreds of other events and venues across the US and Canada.

With great instrumentation, spectacular yodeling mastery and a deep love for music, The Hanson Family is fast becoming a popular group in the entertainment world!

Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum with its Western Heritage Award for Outstanding Traditional Western Album. Randy not only sings and writes about the cowboy lifestyle; he also lives it on a daily basis from sun-up to sundown.  Whether it’s herding cattle, doctoring a horse, or pairing up with his daughter, Hannah, for a day of working on the ranch, Randy’s songs bring to life all that makes up this traditional lifestyle.

His family operates a ranch near Cuervo, New Mexico, where he and his father tend to a herd of Corriente cattle.  Hence, Randy’s life is literally a musical opus where each day is filled with the events that feed his musical passion.

Swing Hall of Fame, and has been honored as the Western Swing Singer of the year by organizations including the Western Music Association, the Academy of Western Artists, and the Ameripolitan Music Awards.

Carolyn Martin has been described as “an astonishing singer”, “a remarkable voice”, a “singing sensation” and as “one of the finest western swing singers in the business, the dreamy-voiced Carolyn Martin.” The Riders In The Sky’s Ranger Doug says,  “I have grown increasingly in awe of Carolyn’s talent: her taste, her musical sensibility, the thoughtfulness and care she brings to every line of every song she sings,” and Vince Gill says simply, “Carolyn Martin is a great swing singer.” From her early days playing Texas dance halls and honky-tonks through 11 years she spent as a member of the Grammy nominated Time Jumpers to her current tours with Carolyn Martin’s Swing Band, Carolyn’s live shows have always aimed to deliver what Ft. Worth Magazine called “a jaw dropping performance.”  aimed to deliver what Ft. Worth Magazine called “a jaw dropping performance.” 

plus many other public and private functions.  He still has a friendly, infectious stage presence that reaches out to any audience-—no matter the size-—to make his show seem as intimate as a campfire sing-along.  Some have dubbed him the “Cowboy Irish Tenor”, his voice being his best instrument.   He likes a good Irish song—cowboy or otherwise—in addition to the cowboy, western, classic country and original songs that he does.  He has two solo CD’s, “That Irish Kid” (2011)   and “PIcasso” (2017).  He still flavors his shows with humor in song or story.

and his sidekick Washtub Jerry, accompanied by the 70-voice Littleton Chorale.  Doc Mehl’s spoken-word poetry recordings include “Cowboy Pottery” (2005) and “The Great Divide” (named the “Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year” in 2013 by both the Western Music Association and the Academy of Western Artists). In the words of Rick Huff, “There’s a unique mind at work here that may be one of a kind in the Western Music arena.”  And songwriter Jon Chandler comments, “Listening to Doc is like having Lyle Lovett in one ear and Tommy Smothers in the other!”

known in the world of western music for their finely crafted vocal harmony.  Their original tunes are lighthearted and conversational.  For accompaniment, Judy's tasteful rhythm guitar is right on the button; Jennifer sweetens the sound with tidbits of harmonica, rhythm instruments, flutes and whistles.  The result is fun, fresh, bold Americana.  This delightful pair is the Western Music Association’s 2015 Harmony Duo of the Year.  

From their home “way out west where the sun sinks low,” these troubadours live on the road, touring for 6 months of the year.  Judy, a classically trained composer, is currently engaged in her first masterwork: a one-act opera with a western theme.  Notable Exceptions is driven by a commitment to spreading joy and laughter through song.  Follow their adventures on Facebook, and catch them live when they blast through your town.  You’re in for "Rootin' Tootin', Nose-Flutin' Fun!"

appreciate the heritage of the West.  Two-time winner of the National Finals Rodeo Cowboy Poetry Contest and 2015 and 2016 finalist for Western Music Association Male Poet of the Year, Tom’s poems have been published by the Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry, featured in Cowboys & Indians Magazine, and recognized by such organizations as the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.  Tom’s Horses and Happiness CD was a two-time finalist for WMA Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year.  His newest CD Rhyme ‘Em Cowboy! was a 2016 finalist for WMA Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year.

to that a strong faith and a love for his country and you’ve got Barry Ward.

"Home on the Range" movie soundtrack

“Harvest in the Fall” song in the documentary film ‘The Great American Wheat Harvest’

Guest Co-host RFD-TV Cowboy Church with Susie McEntire

Cultural Olympiad 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah

Carnegie Hall in New York City 2003 ‘The Great American Cowboy in Concert’


2017 Cowboy CD of the Year by the Rural Roots Music Commission

2015 & 2014 Western CD of the Year by the Rural Roots Music Commission

2014 Western Music Male Vocalist, Academy of Western Artists

2014 Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame Inductee, Cowboy Artist/Entertainer

2013 Male Performer of the Year, Western Music Association

2012 Western Music Song of the Year, Academy of Western Artists

2008 Male Vocalist of the Year, Western Music Division of the Country Gospel Music Association

She played the piano until she was 10 years old, but when she was big enough to hold her dad’s fiddle she knew she had found her calling.  Dave and Kathy have been singing and playing together since 1982 and married in 1984.  They moved to Jackson WY in 1987 and have been playing Western, Celtic and Bluegrass music ever since.  Their duo of fiddle, guitar and vocals is finely tuned and features original, traditional and contemporary songs intertwining history and musical styles. They have numerous recording projects to their credit including "How the West Was Sung" and their latest, "Emerald Ties in the West".

Joyce went on to become a Grammy-nominated performer and recipient of Song of the Year from the Western Music Association in 2008 for her song "If I Hadn't Seen the West" as well as Songwriter of the Year in 2014.  She now has 28 cuts by other western music artists including Belinda Gail, Jean Prescott, Gary Prescott, the Wall-Eyed Moles, and Liz Masterson. She also received Performer of the Year in 2008 from the AWA.  Joyce tours here in the U.S., England, and in Sweden and teaches at the Summersongs songwriting camp in Cambria, California.  Recently, Rockmount, the legendary western clothing store in Denver, asked to sell her latest CD.  It features the song “Thank Jack,” about the founder of that famous retail store – Jack A.Weil.  This year Joyce is proud to announce the release of Living the Western Dream - her long-awaited new album of all original western songs.

ranch-hand, descendant of horse-folk, cow-losopher performs regularly at Western events, dude ranches, Cowboy Gatherings, conventions, and equine expositions.  Mark reveals "that in my heart, I knew I was meant to be a Cowboy. An' while situations didn't always allow the fate, along the bumpy trail, I did a fair piece of day-workin'.  I made a hand, biddin' my skills with horses, cows, cowgirls, cowboys, and too many fences."  Mark is an ardent preserver and promoter of cowboy and western culture in everyday actions as well as the Trail Boss of 'Cowboy Poetry' (Facebook open group) and a Board Member of the Western Music Association Western Wordsmiths Chapter.  Mark's writing, and moreover spirited telling of tales, captures that which embodies the spirit of 'cow-folk' and blazes the trail for young buckaroos to follow.

throughout the Southwest for the past 20 years with their unique blending of harmonies, storytelling and poetry.    

The OK Chorale is delighted to again be a part of the wonderful Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering and we can’t wait to the load up the buckboard with goodies and mosey on over to the “Barn Dance” for a Dad-Gum good time.  

See you there pardn’r.

Miss "V" ~ The Gypsy Cowbelle

Thermopolis, WY   website

A bona fide troubadour, The Gypsy Cowbelle (a.k.a. “V”) offers intriguing glimpses into American culture, history and lore. Her musical performances pair a diverse selection of original ballads with traditional cowboy, country and Americana covers. Compelling lyrics accompanied by solid rhythms on the guitar and her

Mexico and won the first Western Music Association (WMA) Western Wordsmiths Chapter Cowboy Poetry Jackpot in the Novice Division in 2014. He was also was elected Vice President of the WMA Western Wordsmiths Chapter for 2015. Nominee for WMA 2016 Cowboy Poetry CD of the year. Western Radio Top 10 CD for 2016. Western Radio Top 15 Poet for 2016.

Dennis is the founder of the Cimarron Cowboy Music and Poetry Gathering held at the Philmont Scout Ranch annually the last week in August.  

audiences. Rocky won in his division of the 2015 National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo in Abilene, KS and again in 2017. Rocky has been asked to perform at numerous venues since. He is grateful to God for his talents and his wife for her patience. Rocky has performed at the Arizona Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Prescott AZ and the Cimarron Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering in Cimarron, NM

Last Featured Performer

Strongly influenced by the old cowboy heroes of his childhood, Joe began as his early cowboy mentors had done, to add rhyme and cadence to many of those stories. The result of such a mixture evolved into a blending of stories and poems that not only entertain, but also prod the soul with a truer understanding of the deep values and solid character of the American Cowboy.

In 1981 he traded his spurs for Mouse ears and has worked as a Walt Disney Imagineer for the past 37 years. But when the campfire flickers, there is still a stirring in his soul. A yearning swells to recall the life lessons of his cowboy youth, the people and events of good days past, and tell their story.

Europe, the Balkans, West Africa and in Ecuador, as well as in the US.  Janet was honored to perform for the US troops overseas following the 9/11 tragedy  Janet also introduced a horde of Brad Paisley fans to Western music when she opened for the country music superstar at the Britt Amphitheater in 2004.  Two earlier albums  were very well received, and a new CD project is in the works.  Janet took a hiatus from performing recently while wrapping up career and family obligations, but is very excited to be back in the saddle with the WMA and appearing at gatherings as often as possible. wma

Red and R.W. (plus hundreds of other musicians)! He participated in musical cultural exchange tours in Russia, Germany and Ireland. Jerry has authored and published four books. Washtub Jerry is the fifth generation descendant of South Dakota homesteaders and has lived among West Texas ranchers and cowboys for over four decades.

the Kansas Soil, and proud of it.  Along with their Pal Jim Winters and the Trails Hands Orchestra (Marvin Gruenbaum, Ken Lovern and Bill Dye) they pump out enough energy to jump start a Mac Truck.  Tight three-part harmonies backed by legendary Kansas City instrumentalists, the band takes no prisoners and delivers the goods.  wma

Last Participating Performer

Gail Star

Carefree, AZ   website

Gail has been singing for a long time on stages, at campfires and corporate events.  The cowgirl in her came from the beginning when she saw her Heroes on the television that led her from the fantasy world of the cowboy/girl, to the real world of the West.

Her life has been based on the western ways as she has

traveled, worked with ranchers, and helped bring the romance of the West to folks.  The Cattle Drives, the Chuck Wagons, and the time on the trail have helped the past meet the present.  These experiences have given her the soul that is needed for an authentic western serenade.

She works plenty hard on her Arizona ranches in Carefree and Skull Valley.  When she plays and sings she brings to life the cowboy lifestyle and soulful cowboy music.  

So, when Gail gets her guitar out of that case, wherever she may be, get ready to go back in time, and have a good time remembering the cowboy Heroes of years gone by.  Sit back, listen to the yodel and sing along!

homemade “Plank Banjo” define “V”s signature “Genuine Cowbilly” sound. Her subtle humor, engaging personality, creative spirit, and penchant for discovering ‘the road less travelled’ culminate in unique performances that entertain and provoke thought in equal measure. Listeners enjoy stepping back to rural places and simpler times.

While caretaking a homestead ranch for fourteen years, Miss “V” honed skills such as driving teams, making tack, running pack strings, building banjos, and cowboying. Two decades spent exploring rural America and her backcountry have afforded “V” her rich understanding of the land and its people. The Gypsy Cowbelle’s fascinating story has been captured in magazines, books, newspapers, radio interviews, and television broadcasts nationwide.

and played his guitar for audiences large and small all across the West. Currently, Mike schedules most of his performances in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. He performs at cowboy poetry and music gatherings, house concerts, museums, private parties and public events throughout the year. Mike has also written numerous Western songs including ten of the songs on his new CD “Meadowlark.” When he isn't traveling to perform, Mike spends his time in Las Cruces, New Mexico or at the family ranch in Southwestern Colorado.

Selected – 2012  Academy of Western Artists Western Music Male

Nominated – 2012  Academy of Western Artists Western Album

Nominated – 2013 Western Music Association Album of the Year

Nominated – 2016 Western Music Association Song of the Year  

and those old cowboy standards we all love. Songs popularized by Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Sons of the Pioneers and others bring back memories of the old west with great vocal harmonies, foot-stompin’ instrumentals and plain old-fashioned good fun. Their audience sing-alongs and recitation of cowboy poetry round out a typical performance.

Cimarron Sidekicks  have performed in places such as the Sharlott Hall Folk Music Festival in Prescott, Arizona, The Glendale, Arizona Folk Festival, and recently at the Saddlebrooke Western Heritage Preservation Association in Oracle, Arizona. In addition, they have performed for numerous private events in the Phoenix area. They are active members of the Arizona chapter of the Western Music Association (WMA) and have competed in both the harmony and poetry contests at the WMA national convention. Both lead singer Bob “Lefty” Sampson and bass man Dan “Doc” Wilson have written original music for the group as well as  cowboy poetry.

parlor sing-along are also standards from the early Western Swing bands. He had been a Western musician all his life and didn’t know it!

Ron is a published author, having written his own Plectrum Banjo method book, and continuing to update old instructional books and sheet music for the Clifford Essex Music Company Ltd. out of Fakenham, England. He is also a popular columnist for their magazine, BMG. He writes a commentary and instructional blog, The Banjo Snob (

Ron retired from the U.S. Army in 2014, spending the last 20 years of his career as a musician. He is settled down with his wife Paige and two cats in Sierra Vista, Arizona, home of the Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering.

won “Best Country CD” & “Best Song” amidst 5 nominations at the New Mexico Music Industry Awards. The Western Music Association, Academy of Western Artists and The New Mexico Music Industry have combined to nominate him for more than 40 awards over the past 15 years.  “Vocalist of the Year,” “Country Song of the Year,” “Best Album,” Best Band,” Most Humorous Song,” and “Best Song” are some of the categories in which he was victorious.  

Earlier this century the US Department of State named him Cultural Ambassador for his work entertaining the secret service departments of 26 foreign countries in the Diplomatic Security Antiterrorism Assistance Program.  Syd has been seen on television commercials and billboards throughout the west as spokesman for the Powerball Lottery Campaign. His original compositions have been used in numerous film productions ranging from documentaries and television broadcasts to the Universal Studios motion picture “Paul” where he can also be seen as an actor in the film. He and his Swing Riders are a highly talented, thoroughly funny, good time cowboy band out to save vintage western music one two-step at a time!

Don Proffit.  Thatch has spent his 14 years listening to stories about ranch life as it used to be from his Great Grandpa who was a Working Cowboy all of his 88 years. And is inducted into the Wyoming State Cowboy Hall Of Fame. Thatch enjoys Ranch Work and helping with Brandings in Utah Wyoming and this year in Montana. Most days you will find Thatch Working Horses at the Lazy D Barn and Arena, Team Roping, Calf Roping and Ranch Roping.

Thatch is a Co-Recipient of the First annual “Rod McQueary/Sue Wallis” scholarship award which was presented to him at the 2014 National Cowboy Poetry gathering in Elko Nevada.  Thatch was an invited and featured Poet at the 2015 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko sharing his poems in 4 sessions and the closing session with 15 of the most respected and revered Cowboy Poets of our time. Thatch returned to Elko in January 2016 as an invited and featured Entertainer. Thatch is also a published poet on and in the book “Cowboy Rhymes-N-Dreams of Other Times”, to be Cowboy Poetry titled “The First Go Round”. This CD has been nominated for several awards and can be heard on Western Radio Stations in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Thatch has performed at many gatherings throughout the West, Sharing the stage with numerous talented Cowboy Poets and Musicians, and has enjoyed making new Friends and Fans everywhere he goes.

classes I teach poetry. Because I live right in the middle of what's still left of the Old West, there are lots of "half-growed" cowboys who end up in my classroom.  I discovered years ago, however, that they do like and respond to funny rhymed verse, and the "cowboy genre" in particular.  When I write, I tend to use real life material either from my own background, or based on local characters, or stories my husband brings home from the coffee shop.  And, because so many of my poems are "almost" true, I am proud to work in a genre that has this broad an appeal. Cowboy poetry—anything about the cowboy era, really—is one of the few art forms that can be considered as authentically American.

Trinity Seely

Cascade, MT    website

Raised on her family's remote guest ranch in British Columbia where she and her sisters ran a "dude string" of horses.  She attended college in scenic Utah on a music scholarship, and later met her future husband. They both share a love of horses, ranching and western life. Together they worked ranches in Utah, began a family

and relocated to the high desert plains of Wyoming managing a 100,000 acre cattle ranch.  Her personal look into the life of a ranch wife and mother gives her a deep perspective and appreciation of a lifestyle that some might refer to as a "bygone era".  It is not.

Wife, mother and working ranch partner, Trinity makes time for singing and songwriting. Never lacking for inspiration, her music is sincere and authentic.

Joel Eliot

Sonoita, Arizona

Joel grew up in Downey, California, fascinated with cowboys, horses, and all things western. While in middle school he learned how to play the guitar and and was singing country, rock and folk songs at various venues and talent shows. Eventually, horses and

music came together and while Joel was working on cattle and guest ranches in California, Nevada, Wyoming and Arizona, he was entertaining audiences with traditional cowboy music.

In the 1980’s, cowboy poetry and subsequent cowboy poetry gatherings, became very popular. Consequently, Joel began working traditional cowboy poems into his performances.  He’s been living in Sonoita, Arizona since 2005 but ventures out to work on ranches in Wyoming and recently worked as a wrangler in Hawaii.