Anybody Up for a Little Fun,               Try Our


Cochise Cowboy Treasure Hunt

A Treasure Hunt app made just for the 2019 gathering awaits you,

Along with a Cool Cowboy Game!

15 Sites to find around Cochise County

Instant Prizes just for playing

BIG prizes for finding and visiting the sites!

How do I get Started?

1.  Download the Metaverse app

     from the links below.

                   < or >

2.  There will be instant prizes available at our

     partners when you download the app at their





        Pizza Hut Bistro     

3.  Once you download the app type "Cochise" in the search box, and you will see

     "Cochise Cowboy Treasure Hunt (CCTH)"

4.  Select CCTH  

5.  You will see the Quests and the Clues together

6.  Find Clue #1 (or whatever Clue you are after), select it, and follow the

     instructions on the Clue.

7.  After you have found your site, go to Quest #1 (or the associated

     Quest of the Clue you are following) and read the instructions.

8.  DO NOT FORGET! Read the rules below on this page.

9.  All the Clues are listed above.







Cowboy Treasure Hunt Rules

Welcome to the Cowboy Treasure Hunt!  Before we start, we have some basic ground rules for you.

1.    NO PURCHASE is necessary to participate in the Competition

2.    The Treasure Hunt consists of fifteen sites in and around Cochise County that you must

        attempt to locate.

3.    You may use any resource available to determine the location of a site.

4.    You are encouraged to use your cell phone both for the clues and the app as well as any other

        recourses available to you.

5.    Do NOT move, tamper with or damage any of the artifacts located at the sites as they are

        historical places.

6.    The Clues for each of the sites can be found on the Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering


7.    You will find a clue leading to each of the 15 sites.

8.    Once you are within 90 ft of the site), the app with the corresponding clue number can be

       opened and it will tell you what your “Quest” is for that site.  See Helpful Hints.

9.    There are also bonus point questions available at some sites which will increase your chances

        to win.

10.  Participation in the Contest is voluntary and you are responsible for your own actions.  

        By participating, you agree to hold harmless the Gathering or any of the organizers for any

        accidents or injuries you might incur during your participation.

11.  If you are under 18, you will need to complete a Parental Release Form (located on the website

        shown above).  It is a fillable form and you can mail it to: CCPMG, ATTN: Treasure Hunt,

        PO Box 3201, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636 or email it to:  

        A link to the form is located below, after rule 17

12.  If you are under 18, your parent / guardian must to accompany you should you win

        one of the prizes.

13.  You must attain at least 800,000 points to be eligible for the Grand Prize.

14.  Anyone who attains at least 800,000 points will receive two All Event Passes (value of

        $100.00) to the Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering to be held 8 and

        9 February, 2019.

15.  The Gathering reserves the right to add, modify and/or change the available prizes at any time.  

16.   The Major prizes will be presented at the Gathering Feature Performance on Saturday,

        February 9, 2019.

17.  If there are ties for the first place, the Gathering reserves the right to have a run-off

        (either a drawing or Questions}

18.  Winners must be present to receive their prizes.