Anybody Up for a Little Fun,               Try Our


Cochise Cowboy Treasure Hunt

A Treasure Hunt app made just for the 2019 gathering awaits you,

Along with a Cool Cowboy Game!

13+ Sites to find all around Cochise County

Instant Prizes just for playing

BIG prizes for finding and visiting the sites!

How do I get Started?

1.  Download the Metaverse app

     from the links below.

                   < or >

2.  Scan the QRCode

3.  Follow Mr. Cowboy’s directions

4.  Clues are published on the

     Sierra Vista, Herald Review’s page

     place holder for Herald link and

     The Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering

     website, click here

5.  Major winners will receive a ticket for the Saturday

     Evening Headline Performance

6.  Winners will receive their prizes at the evening Performance of the Cochise

     Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering on Saturday, 9 February 2019







Should any more cities be added to the map above