Cochise Cowboy Treasure Hunt Clues


Clue #1

An Army scout rode east one day to see what he could find

Some gold or maybe silver in some lost ole ‘cussed mine

Here he made his fortune, and then travelled the world o’er

He died in his miner’s cabin, with samples of gold ore

Clue #2

Near the mouth of this canyon were the first homes

A statue stands near there pointing where they should roam

Clue #3

Many Murals adorn this town

The main road runs East and West

Find the one with Riders on High

And you will complete the Quest


Clue #4

Tucked in among the boulders, this museum shares the tales

Of native American Indians who followed many trails

From Alaska, South America, and over this great land

Here you’ll find the remnants and the history of many bands.

(Open only Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 am—4:00 pm)

Clue #5

In 1887, copper mines expanded fast

Here you find the open pit, but there were also shafts

Near the shaft, you’ll find a stone that tells you what was mined

And here, the Cochise Cowboy will soon tell you what to find.

Clue #6

Not too far from the lake that is dry

Two Springs supported those who came by

Stages would relay, shop keepers would sell

But that old Demon whiskey their ending would tell

Clue #7

It was called Descanso, a haven of rest

Serving water to cowboys and America’s best

Once a short-term stop on the Butterfield route

But came to an end when the train tracks bagged out

Clue #8

Next to the Mexican border sets a quiet but bustling town

There you will find a building 5-stories from top to ground

1907 is stamped on its wall, G Ave is in its address

Was named for a famous treaty between Mexico and the US

Clue #9

A monument stands near where over the river two bridges crossed.

The “Battle of the Bulls” was here.  Some men injured but none were lost.

Clue #10

Open for 138 years! One of the longest operating stores in Arizona. Warren Earp and Geronimo shopped here. Now I have a facelift and new ownership - just waiting for you to visit.

Clue #11

Known as the “Gateway to the Land of Cochise” this was a major shipping point for cattle, gold, silver and copper ore. The Southern-Pacific (S&P) Railroad established a key railhead here in 1880, as a crossing point for the San Pedro River.

Clue #12

In this 119-year old house glimpse a bit of history

This southern town has over 200 years on display.

Open every Wednesday and Saturday from 12:00-4:00

Learn about southern Arizona’s history and more

Clue #13

After Tombstone’s fame, the Soto Bros. came and founded this general store

In a rip-roaring cowboy town it would be, right next to millions in ore

The Alvord gang including “Three Fingered Jack” were regular customer there

But the town and the store would eventually chill without a hope and a prayer

Clue #14

The Clantons lived by the river

They had a sordid past

Most of the ruins are in crumbles

This corner was built to last

Clue #15

An Adobe building that didn’t burn down,

It still stands near one end of a town,

Where singers and sinners and gamblers Yahoo,

Would leave what they garnered from tunnel and slough.

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